Photo Gallery: Lexus IS F SPORT on New Vossen CVT Directional Wheels

2014 Lexus IS F SPORT Vossen CVT

Vossen Wheels have announced the latest addition to their CV series — the new CVT is a light-weight, staggered directional one-piece cast wheel, and it’s a perfect fit for the new Lexus IS F SPORT:

The CVT requires four molds, rather than the typical 1 or 2 molds for standard cast wheels. As a result, the wheels on the drivers side and passenger side of the vehicle twist towards the same direction — here’s a video of the IS F SPORT in motion as an example:

The CVT will be offered in 20-inch & 22-inch sizes starting today, and are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the crew over on the Vossen Wheels website.

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  1. I'm very upset with Lexus, they did the refresh to the CT200h and I just love how the spindle looks on it but why the hell they did not put "18 wheels instead of those small (for the CT body) "17??? Many carmakers fit "18 and even more in this segment, why Lexus didn't? How beauty was the CT F-Sport concept shown at SEMA 2010 with those huge "18 concept look rims but they never offered them not in even in option, what kind of problem they have with "18 wheels?
    • fuel economy.
    • EL

      and ride quality
    • I agree Lexus has always wimped out when it came to wheel sizes and design the competition has always made better bigger and wider wheel designs then Lexus. BUT I most admit the new lexus cars are coming out with much better factory wheels then previous models.
    • It's Lexus. Not 'Pimp my ride'!
    • You clearly missed my point........ and so did the people that thumps up you too. Im sure you wouldnt mind wearing 15 inch wheels with 70 inch sidewalls on your LS ? Sounds like your fine with that. If BMW, Merc and AUDI can put decent look sized wheels 18 and 19 on theres cars Lexus can too.
  2. I am not too fond of the wheels or the drop on this car...
  3. these wheels aren't that nice.
  4. Looks freakin awesome love the drop and love the wheels wonder how these wheels would look polished . I saw a new IS yesterday parked around my way... the car is beautiful in person.
  5. ..this car always made my day. It's always parked next to my working place and its freakin sexy. Lexus vehicles always looks gorgeous on wider and bigger wheels like from vossen or bbs.
    • Now those, I CAN deal with
    • I agree I saw a new IS yesterday parked by where I live... its omg sexy and super sculpted. It looks really classy and expensive. Pictures dont do the IS any justice it looks super nice in person... A couple walked past the car and was also looking at it. Could be the best looking Lexus sedan ever... cant wait to see how the F high performance model looks.
    • That looks fantastic. Great wheels, perfect amount of drop to show 'em off.
  6. Art

    Who took this photoshoot? Pictures came out great!