Milestone: Lexus Has Built 1.5 Million ES Models Since 1989

Lexus ES 1.5m Milestone

Lexus has recently reached a significant manufacturing milestone — according to Just Auto, 1.5 million ES models have been built since the model’s debut in 1989.

Six generations of the ES have been built over the past 24 years, and it has been the best selling Lexus car over that period.

(Also of note for the ES: the model is once again being built as a right-hand drive vehicle, and will return to Australia for the first time since 2006.)

[Source: Just Auto]


  1. OK, CT facelift looks all right, but what's the red car under the blue cover in the last picture?! I'm pretty sure it's the RC.
  2. -A.

    It's already in right hand drive prior to the release of the Lexus ES in Malaysia on last Monday. Malaysia's the first country to receive it in my belief. Brunei will get it on this upcoming Friday, 18th October 2013.
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      Oops, wrong info. Wikipedia has the full info.
  3. why isn't the Lexus ES coming to the UK?
  4. In Malaysia and many other countries in Asia, the only model we get is ES250, which has basically a retuned 2.5L, 6-speed from Camry. I purchased an ES250 luxury recently 3months ago in Malaysia. This car costs USD80k, in Malaysia. My initial excitement of owning a brand that is famed for refined driving experience quickly turn to DISAPPOINTMENT. For a start, the car vibrates harshly during idle in Drive mode. The vibration can be felt all through the steering, the seat, the brake pedal, the arm rest, the door frame and you can even feel the vibration from the passenger seats. Next the steering wheel turns with a rubbing sound when the car is moving slowly like when you are doing a parallel parking. The seat makes clicking sound when the car hits bumps or when you do a big turn which cause your weight to shift. The gear shifts hard from parking to reverse, sometimes with a clunking noise. Looking at the car from the outside and inside, you feel a nice level of elegance that spells luxury. But, once you turn on the engine, the experience of an ES250 is nothing close to elegance, especially when the car is stationary with that harsh vibration and the terribly loud rubbing sound when turning the steering wheel. In fairness, the drive once the car gets going feels plush but not when it's stationary. It feels like what Lexus has done with ES250 is very lazy, like it was designed and approved by entry level engineers. I can't believe that it is Lexus that I am driving. It is unfortunate that while Lexus is trying to expand in the Asia and the rest of the world outside US and Japan, the car they introduce to be the mainstream model turns out to feel like a cheap car. If this is the best Lexus can do, I am sorry that this will be the last Lexus I will own. Lexus Corp - I have made known my concerns to Lexus Malaysia so my record is there. I believe that I am not the only complaining about it. You guys should do something about this before you lose all your customers.