2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT Spotted!

2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT

The 2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT has been spotted by Leftlane News during a commercial shoot — here are photos of the front & back:

2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT Front

2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT Rear

There were no photos of the side profile, but here’s a closer look at the new spindle grille:

2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT Front Grille

All in all, it’s a great looking update — the spindle grille was expected, and there’s always revisions to the front & rear bumpers, but I’m impressed with the blacked out roof.

Alright enthusiasts, what do you think?

See more photos of the 2014 Lexus CT 200h F SPORT


  1. Again, i don´t believe that this small "Facelift" will boost sales numbers of the CT. New Body types and/or more hybrid powertrains would help ALOT. just my 2 Cents....
  2. An already gorgeous car becomes an even greater visual treat!
  3. don't like the blacked bumpers by the fog lights it's so not lexus and not for a conservative car like this otherwise looks great, now add HID's as standard or an option... jeez
  4. Last pic appears to show face of some other lexus model under cover. Defiantly spindle grill in red cover. Looks like a bigger car than CT
  5. lexus just went full predator with the quad fangs...
  6. Looks great, if it just had actual performance could be worth downsizing from my RX300, just can't go with a replacement that is slower to 60mph than my 13 year old RX300!
  7. hope it's CT300h, as the model name on the back is hidden.. Let's hope.. 200h is far to slow...
  8. MT

    Looks nice! Just like in the renderings we saw a little earlier.
  9. Black roof is nice. Did the same to my white GS F-sport. On CT this May show optional panorama roof or solar roof maybe.
  10. RAL

    Car looks much more substantial. Like the black roof (panoramic?) with the white. Hope it is more than just a visual refreshment . . . needs more power and better mileage. I drove a 2013 ES hybrid as a loaner during a service appointment and got 45 mpg highway!
  11. Part of me doesn't feel like this is the update Idk i love it don't get me wrong the grille looks awesome even the one under the blue sheets however i thought there was a rumor that there was an engine version coming along i hope to god that their is this little baby would sell a fucking bunches especially if they made a sweet F version
  12. Eh, I'm waiting for the NX.
  13. If you go to the left lane article, look at the pictures, then go to the very last picture. Isnt that a coupe with a spindle grill under a tarp?
  14. This looks amazing, well done Lexus!
  15. Looks like they've added a sharkfin too. I know a lot of people who went aftermarket because they didn't like the non-sharkfin on their current CT
  16. Great improvement. Definitely digging the black roof. The wheels are a VAST improvement over the current wheels, also.
  17. Make it a hot hatch please lexus! I don't want the hybrid motor or the cvt! It looks awesome tho!
  18. If you see all the photos You wil find a covered SC or lflc So I think it's production ready and the rumores that we may see it in Tokyo instead of the RC May come true
  19. I think it looks pretty good ... but ultimately I wouldn't consider it an option because it needs more POWER!!!!!
  20. Looks exciting! Is that a black roof? Or is that a panoramic roof?
  21. ED

    I got 2011 CT, I wish I can change my front bumper to this one~ LOOKS SEXY to me!
  22. Now that is more like it Lexus only thing left is upgrade the power output for a non hybrid model CT300 F sport or CT350 F sport.
  23. Love the front this is what the IS should have looked like!!! these lights are wayyy better!
  24. Lexus didn't change what needed to be changed - THE POWERTRAIN
  25. I like the refresh on front and rear, also like the black top (probably on F Sport only). The car just needs about 50 more horses to make it a viable option over the other new hatches entering the market (i.e. Mazda 3 and GTI) for 2014. I've driven the current version as a loaner when having my IS serviced, and it's still not there yet for me.
  26. SWEEEET!!!!! Front, rear and blacked out roof. A+
  27. Woah ! This is really good looking !
  28. Looks like a Cleft Lip grill. Awfully ugly.
  29. Get rid of the bottom teeth, and we can make something happen. (Bottom teeth=chrome/matte finished U shaped thing). Other than that, I love it. Can't wait to possibly be disappointed by the interior.
  30. If only it comes with a 200hp and as a hybrid will it be very saleable..........?
  31. Hopefully the hidden back emblem said CT250h I think the subtle cosmetic changes are nice in those pics. I'm sure the interior will be improved too. So glad I held out on buying one a few months ago.