Lexus IS 350 F SPORT Named Esquire Car of the Year

2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT

The 2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT has been named the Esquire Car of the Year:

This is a deeply Japanese machine in the best way, a hypersensitive steamroller of a car that has as much in common with a German autobahn weapon as a Gundam suit does with a Walther P38. The industry has never been more concerned with green, but it’s also never been a better time to buy an honest, gutsy, fast set of wheels. The IS 350 F Sport is all that. And it’s the Esquire Car of the Year.

Regardless of how much value you place on a car award from Esquire, the magazine chose the IS F SPORT over every other vehicle released in the last year. It’s also worth noting that the person writing for Esquire is Sam Smith, the executive editor of Road & Track.

What do you think, is this just the start of the awards for the new Lexus sports sedan?


  1. They gave it to the ATS last year, and after the IS spent the summer kicking that @$$ all summer long, this is one of the rewards. A car truly worthy of the honor..... BD
  2. This is not only the start of awards to come for the IS, but the what the future Models will see in the near future. LEXUS will continue to change and impress the world.
  3. Why we still can't see the 350 version in Europe? :( Many people choose bmw or audi just becaouse of that...
  4. This IS is also in the finalist list for car of the year in South Africa
  5. LEXUS keeps getting better and better each year