Lexus Releases Four Commercials for 2014 SUV Lineup

Lexus LUV Family

Lexus has released a new commercial for each of their SUVs — here’s the complete set:

2014 Lexus GX Commercial

2014 Lexus RX Commercial

2014 Lexus LX Commercial

There’s also a super-cut that splices together scenes from all three commercials:


  1. Let's see how the NX200t fit this line-up.
  2. Great commercials all four!
  3. Love the LEXUS SUV line-up.....TOYOTA as well !
  4. Not feelin' the LX commercial. All those actors are around 30 years old? Is that the LX's demographic? Doubt it. BD
  5. I was waiting for this I knew it was finally coming once GX got his new uniform it must feel good to be a part of right GX now Lexus and advertised a sux line up and once NX gets here it even stronger
  6. Where was the commercial with the two bikers filmed??