Video: Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Drives the 2001 Lexus GS 430

Lexus GS 430 2001 Richard Hammond

Let’s travel back to the year 2000 with Top Gear’s Richard Hammond reviewing the 2001 Lexus GS 430 for the Men & Motors TV show

Much like his review of the LFA nearly a decade later, Hammond focuses on his unfortunate belief that Lexus lacks a soul — regardless, it’s still fun to flashback to “The Hamster” behind the wheel of a GS 430.


  1. didn't this GS turn out to be the most succsseful GS in the US? i heard some famous ppl still own one of these GS,s. bashing lexus does not work in their favour, it only encourages lexus to do it even better. They should have figured this out by now
  2. His review slant is as reliable as a Lexus. BD
  3. The Lexus GS. The underdog of the Lexus lineup..
  4. I'm going to say Mr. Hammond is downright lying. His anti-Lexus bias seems to prevent him from truly evaluating the car. The GS400 would do 0-60 in 5.7 seconds, the 430 even faster. Not to mention a slalom speed on par with a C5 Corvette (66.0 vs 66.2mph). Motor Trend said it " feels more a dedicated performance machine than a sport-luxury sedan." Any GS400/430 or Aristo 300V with the performance rubber was more than capable for it's time. Read more:
  5. He kind of down played the car. The GS400/400 was and is extremely capable. It won car of the year a while back.
  6. RAL

    "Consider the source" . . . he, like so many others, enjoys his bias.
  7. Hate those top gear idiots
  8. Actually this was the reason I loved (and still love) this car: has no soul, it is just a car. It brings me from A to B enourmously comfy. You just sit in that big comfortable sofa and just look calmly at the "road-war" going on outside of your car, while listening your favorite music on the exquisite audio system. No engine noise, no road noise, just the relaxing music.
  9. Wasn't the second generation GS (300/400) awarded "Import Car of The Year 1998" by Motortrend? "Top 10 Best Car" from 1998 to 2000 by Car&Driver? A ton of other awards for Best Quality by JD Power or KBB? Dosen't the GS300 carry the same 3.0L inline 6 (2JZGE) and rear suspension of the Supra? Wasn't the GS400 (300hp) the quickest car of its segment? "Its just a car?", (R. Hammond)...What?...
  10. Too Bad the rest of the whole didnt get this model