Video: Lexus Canada Takes the 2014 IS to the Track

Lexus IS Track Day Canada

Lexus Canada recently held a track day event in Montreal, and created a video of the event using high-resolution RED cameras & an octocopter:

There’s also a behind-the-scenes look at how the video was filmed:

Both videos do a super job of demonstrating the capabilities of the new IS, and the image quality is off the charts — very well done.

On a related note: Lexus Canada recently updated their website, and it looks great.


  1. Playing the BMW M3 on my game. it surprices me how unsettled that car is compared to the ISF. It feels like it needs some down force mybe a big wing at the back wherelse the ISF feels cushy and predictable
    • What game u playing?
    • The latest Forza for xbox. Which mean the ISF have its limited slip dif. If you got that game try the C63,M3 and ISF on the nurburgring and see. The C63 gear changes are slow especially on change down pluss the thing just dont want to turn into corners. M3 is just loose and unpredictable, you find yourself hitting walls more often. ISF is the better of the 3, it feels like a racing car and you will know you are going faster
  2. i think lexus did a good thing by keeping the weight of the previous model. because light weighted cars dont feel good if one dont put wings to keep it planted.
  3. Can't wait until we get our IS 350 Fsport. Lexus is doing amazing things with their cars, my GS Fsport is sexy and fast!
  4. Proud owner of one and loving it!
  5. ben

    why doesnt AWD version not have 8 speed transmission? thats unfair!