Lexus LFA Finishes 10th Overall in Top Gear’s Greatest Car of the Past 20 Years Poll

Lexus LFA Top Gear Contest

To mark their 20th anniversary, Top Gear Magazine asked readers to help compile a list of the 50 greatest cars since the publication started in 1993.

The results have now been released, and a single Lexus appears on the list — the LFA finished 10th overall, a respectable finish in what could be one of the strangest assortment of “greatest cars” I’ve ever seen.

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  1. They have the Ferrari 458 in 4th. Pretty sure the 458 will never have a competitive lap at Nurburgring, and the Lexus has a far sweeter engine note...... BD
  2. MD

    Remember, this is not top gear, but a reader's poll of over 100,000 people who voted. I am sure Top Gear would have put LFA in the top 3 atleast.
  3. The LFA is the epitome of an 'exotic' it's not all about straight line speed. If straight line is your concern then your much better off with a souped up Supra that would blow the doors off anything out there..
  4. Veyron on the 1st ?!!!! LFA on 10th?!!! What the......?!@$?G%&#
  5. Thats a nice achievement for the car. 458 4th is a joke have they forgotten about the whole wrong use of an incorrect adhesive episode that made these things catch fire and from a car maker thats been building this type of car for 50-60 years please.