Video: The Lexus LF-NX Concept

Lexus LF-NX Video

Following the debut of the Lexus LF-NX at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the very first promotional video of the concept has been released:

Where the LF-NX looked super-aggressive and highly stylized in last week’s photos, this video shows more of the trademark Lexus elegance in the lines & details — looking forward to seeing more live photos of the concept today.


  1. Horrible Music! It made me like this concept even less.
    • Lexus is not obliging you to like the LF-NX. It is for the people who doesn't settle for an ordinary and usual thing. Lexus is exploring their design and this is their way to show it. If lexus made the production NX very close to this concept, im sure it will create a positive reaction from car buyers.
    • It would certainly get a positive reaction from me. I'm madly in love!
  2. Excellent video! Well played, Gentlemen! The concept is great, and I would never change it, but the product will be softer than this. Message to Lexus: Keep as much of this as you can. BD
  3. wat is dis song ! it is amazing crazy love with this concept
  4. WOW, What a concept, What an advert! Exciting
  5. Meanest headlight in the industry, period.
  6. I'd buy one, Long -Time Lexus Owner!!
  7. ANY DESIGN THAT LEXUS DOES ALWAYS SELLS...dont know about Citroen...people doesn't want to go with the losers...soon that car will be obsolete!...LEXUS will STAY a WINNER to many people and me....stay away from this site if your not interested in LEXUS....I LOVE LEXUS period!