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Lexus Ask the LF-NX Concept Project Manager

The man in charge of the Lexus LF-NX, Takeshi Tanabe, will be attending the global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, and Lexus Europe is giving enthusiasts the chance to ask Tanabe-san any question about the new compact crossover concept.

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  1. Why is it so farking ugly?
  2. How ugly will the watered-down production car look like?
  3. Will Lexus ever offer performance versions of their SUVs? (something like the Audi SQ5 or even BMW X5 50i)
  4. How much power will the NX200T have? BD
    • Forget about that. Check out this "pimp" ride instead!!! http://memimage.cardomain.com/ride_images/1/2322/4241/5804620001_large.jpg
  5. I actually love the way it looks. I think it would be great as a power horse to compete with the BMW X6
  6. Seems like lots of Toyota/Lexus haters are trolling in this site. Describing this concept as ugly is the most moronic act one can do in his life. This thing has a great silhouette and surely an eye catcher. It will make the lambo SUV looks bland and the jag's cx-17 even more bland. I just wanna know if there will going to be an NX-F..
    • No. The silhoutte is ugly too. There isn't a single beautiful line anywhere in this concept. And I'm a Lexus owner and I think the Third gen GS is and LS from 2006 forward are absolutely the best looking cars.
    • Man, looks are subjective. But saying that this concept is ugly is so inappropriate. This thing is so radical and I think the shape is purposely designed. For me it looks bad ass and i know it gets mix opinions, why not just wait for the final product? People say that the RX is bland but its doing well despite the age. They say the new IS is ugly but doing well too. Since many people say that this concept is ugly, I think its an early complement to the upcoming success of the NX.
    • No. The concept is ugly. I am also an Lexus IS driver. ;)
    • It's not really radical either. And it is ugly. The Citroën Cactus Concept is a radical design, it's ugly too, but at least it is interesting.
    • It took me time to get used to the first wave of L-Finesse vehicles (2006 GS, 2007 LS, 2006 IS, etc.), it took me time to get used to the spindle grille. Change is tough. I'm still piecing together my opinions of the LF-NX, but I know for sure it could never be called beautiful. I also wouldn't call it ugly. The angles, the sharpness, it's all very futuristic, very extreme, and not for everyone.
    • I think you're catching on the exact purpose of this concept. While I doubt the final production model will be as controversial, Lexus wants people to react strongly to the LF-NX -- love or hate, doesn't matter (would likely prefer love ;-).
    • Lol, my favorite car is the Lexus LFA second is Supra. Jeremy Clarkson loves the LFA and even said the new Lexus designs are ugly and I never agreed with that statement until NOW seeing this NX. Now I understand why car enthusiasts call the spindle grille ugly.
  7. I like the questions of both BD and Zipman Really my all time questions are 2 the first is about the design I know that he said 95% Will be in the real deal, so A) will we see the flop side line or it will be straight side as all Lexus even the LFA? B) will this be a study for next generation RX and forthcoming TX? The second question is about the TX, will it be a RWD or simply a Luxurious highlander version
  8. When will this Madness stop and Lexus Return to perfection that was the Third gen GS and the LS of the same time? You know, L-finesse, where this has no finesse at all!
  9. How is it different from the production one?
  10. This is absolutely outstanding in design - I hope not too watered down in production release necXt year. Although it will be toned down, no doubt.....LEXUS is answering the publics demand for Bold, Aggressive and Sporty Luxury. All the negative feeback is LEXUS/TOYOTA detractors that can't stomach the fact that LEXUS is doing something very innvoative and stylish coupled with their award winning reliability,value and resale. If you criticize this look you have no idea that all of the new models released recently with the spindle grill and more aggressive design are selling at historic levels and demanding increases that are tops in the industry. Have you seen what LEXUS and TOYOTA increased in August ? More than any auto maker in the World. The industry leaders in in US and Globally. Hard to digest for those that are so rnvious....if you don't like the product, then why do you visit the site ? I don't consider MB and BMW as an option and I don't take the time and effort to criticize or to bother visiting....GO LEXUS !
    • Nobody is dissing on the brand, thats why we are here, we are enthusiastic about the brand. But there is a lot to hate in this concept design, looks like some origami that someone failed to finish.
  11. I expect, by the end of 2015, for the Lexus powertrains to be completely updated with turbo engines, Toyota's new Valvematic technology, and the CVTs & 8-speed transmissions will move throughout the lineup. 220HP for the hybrids, including the next Lexus CT 240-250HP for the turbo-four engine 306HP for the V6 models Lexus LS moves to a 400+HP 5.0 V8 in 2015. Write it down, take a picture of it, I don't give a...... BD
  12. I never understand the bad comments about this concept. It looks how a concept should look. btw them headlights are simply amazing. And I hope they make it to production. This looks much, much better than the boring X1
  13. Love the front, lights, grill and overall silhouette. Rear, yuck. Interior A+. I hope the production version keeps these details but with some softer lines and rear, and I will have one in my driveway.
  14. PIT

    Wenn der LF-NX so gebaut wird, kaufe ich ihn!!! PIT