Lexus August 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 29,792 total sales for August 2013, a 18.5% improvement over last year — here are the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 1,784 1,472 16.9 10,642 12,417 -14.7
HS 0 7 -100.0 5 633 -99.2
IS 4,432 2,369 80.4 18,859 18,859 -0.5
ES 7,628 7,557 -2.7 47,210 29,581 58.8
GS 2,234 1,831 17.7 13,024 14,563 -11.0
LS 900 786 10.4 6,808 4,358 55.5
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 0 2 -100.0 17 29 -41.7
Total Cars 16,978 14,024 16.7 96,565 80,442 19.5
RX 11,423 8,628 27.7 65,678 60,002 8.9
GX 1,056 1,071 -4.9 6,352 6,772 -6.7
LX 335 514 -37.2 2,643 3,388 -22.4
Total Trucks 12,814 10,213 21.0 74,673 70,162 5.9
Total Sales 29,792 24,237 18.5 171,238 150,604 13.1

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. August 2013 had 28 selling days, August 2012 had 27 selling days.

August was the best-selling month of 2013 for Lexus USA, with nearly every model showing an increase over the year previous.

The new IS has been well received — Lexus released some statistics on the new buyers:

  • Nearly 60% male (compared to about 45% for ’13 model)
  • Nearly half the buyers (45%) are opting for the F-Sport
  • Median age is 44 — more than a third of buyers are under 35
  • Nearly half are conquest sales and buyers new to Lexus lineup, mostly from BMW, Audi & Acura

Both the ES & RX are dominating their segments, and made up nearly 64% of all Lexus sales for the month. The LS, GS, and even the CT saw big boosts over last year — the only models with a decrease are the GX & LX, and only the LX saw a double-digit drop.

It was a huge month for Lexus, as its 29,792 total sales topped major competitors Mercedes Benz (24,761) & BMW (24,523) by a significant margin — this final quarter of 2013 is going to make for a very interesting finish to the year.


  1. DAAAAMN! the RX broke into 5 digits wit 11k+ and look at the IS!!! those are great sales indeed! i expect them to level out at around 3k a month
    • 3k? It's not a Cadillac ATS! 4-5k will be it's level, which it is at right now. Too much demand for a Lexus to dip below that. And the last time the IS was redesigned it sold over 50k for it's next two years. BD
  2. Great month for Lexus, ahead of Mercedes-Benz and BMW in total sales! Here's the breakdown by segments. CT 1,784 1 Series 626 3 Series 10,357 ES 7,628 C Class 6,701 IS 4,432 E Class 6,523 5 Series 4,359 GS 2,234 7 Series 924 LS 900 S Class 716 GLK 2,372 X1 2,278 RX 11,423 M Class 3,816 X3 2,146 X5 2,480 GL 2,722 GX 1,056 LX 335 G 238
    • Wow, thanks for putting this together!
    • You are welcome Kevin ;)
    • The Lexus ES would be in the class with Acura TL and Lincoln MKZ, not the 3-series. And the Lexus RX would be in with the MDX, Mercedes ML, and Lincoln MKX. And the GX is supposed to line up with the Mercedes GL. It does does so very, very poorly. BD
    • for a car that has no advertising or marketing whats however and its a gas hogger as well as SUV base that goes up against the X5/GL/MCLASS all which are very popular models i think Lexus is beyond happy with that until it can figure out what to do with the GX. I also see that as an win
    • The GX has been just updated with a great facelift, integrating the corporate spindle grille. Now what I believe is that true change will come with the unibody design instead of the truck body-on-frame. A major restyling for the GX is slated for 2016-2017 if I am not mistaken.
    • The GX will become the TX full crossover in 2016, which the GX should have been originally after the HPX Concept in 2003 BD
    • The GX name has more than 10 years of heritage and history, switching it to TX which sounds like the name of a state doesn't sound right nor smart to me. I'd just stick with the GX and upgrade it to a unibody frame.
    • True, the ES doesn't really have any competitor from BMW or Benz, but I stacked it up together with the IS since Lexus has divided the entry luxury sedan into two markets, the one aimed for performance (IS) and the one aimed for comfort (ES). Regarding the RX... well the RX does indeed compete with the M Class when it comes to size but not to price since it's closer to the GX... In this particular segment Lexus strategy is different compared to the German ones.
    • That's awesome, what site can I get these infos from?
    • PR News wire.
  3. Only if it hit the 30k mark!!! But oh well. very impressive numbers.
  4. 1. I know a guy who wanted to test drive the Lexus IS F-Sport. Went to a dealer, but couldn't get a salesperson because.....they were all busy with buyers! So he left. He saw a few others leave too. Lexus has somewhere around 250 dealers in the US, and needs about 50 more. 2. Looking at the lineup, and the reception for it, the new minimum acceptable sales level going forward is 25k a month. The cars should be moving 15k a month, and 10k in SUVs. That's 300k a year, with relatively light incentives, and a relatively small lineup. Then add in the Lexus NX (Fall of 2014)..... BD