Video of the Updated 2014 Lexus GX 460

Lexus GX 460 Video 2014

The first video of the updated 2014 Lexus GX 460 has been released, and it’s a moving version of the official photo gallery:

The addition of the spindle grille has brought the GX 460’s appearance more in line with its capability — in this video, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the GX hop over a curb and start off-roading.


  1. To me this render look weird, i don't like the headlights cuz sounds too simple and way less sharp than those fitted on the sedan, but above all, for those GS Tailights, of course we're seen those headlights on the mule spotted at ring but i thought they were only postiche as happen usually on mule car, plus, the concept has totally different tailights very similar to those fitted on the sedan just more edged...someone can explain to me what's happen?
    • Just an ugly car, that is it.
    • lol your post this on the wrong post... Am guessing your talking about the carscoops RC F render
    • To explain honestly noone knows what the finish version of the RC and RC F will look like many are just creating an show casting there ideas of what they suggested the coupe will look like in the end. However I feel that the RC isn't a coupe version of the IS nor GS it is its on car. It might share the GS taillights and IS interior for Now (as the car is in its early stage) but the coupe isn't building it self off the IS or GS design. I don't even think it's building off the LF CC neither but I think it takes a little from every car Lexus has built recently such as the GS IS LFLC LFCC and the LFA. P.S the GX is hot and more manly than before it speaks what it is a off road vehicle not no CUV Lexus calls it a LUV luxury Utility Vehicles. So like I also said before people should stop comparing it to the others CUVS in the price range. This car is a lean mean off roading machine... And that just what the front say. I bet you sales improve on this car for the rest of the year!
  2. Weird and not suitable looking car. Hope phasing out is comming soon.
  3. Seems like a toyota UNO inspector car with Lexus front.
  4. what the GX really needs is a better design on the back end along with some suspension tuning and power upgrade to go with a mpg bump.