Lexus Announces Updated 2014 GX 460

2014 Lexus GX 460 Update Revealed

Lexus has announced the updated 2014 GX 460, featuring the brand’s trademark spindle grille — here’s a photo gallery of the exterior:

Alongside the spindle grille, the 2014 GX receives standard LED headlamps and daytime running lights, with available LED fog lamps. The rear taillights have also been redesigned.

The interior has a new eight-inch touch screen display audio, now with complimentary HD Radio Real-Time Traffic and Weather. A new linear espresso wood/abyss black trim is now available, and mahogany wood trim is included on both the Premium Package and Luxury model — here’s a closer look inside:

The 2014 GX arrives at dealerships in September, and will be offered in two grades in the USA — the standard GX will carry will be priced at $49,085 (nearly nine percent less than the previous year), and the Luxury model with blind-spot monitor and adaptable air suspension will be priced at $60,715.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. This will sell a ridiculously... Unfortunately, I still cannot find it in my heart to like the GX. Although picture 11 & 13 (L to R) is where this bulky lady properly belongs.
  2. when will we see the 2014 CT200h?
  3. They already offer a F-Sport with the current GX with graphite wheels and a slightly upgraded grill. I wonder if we will see a full fledge F-Sport with the F-Sport full grill.
  4. Looks nice but did they finally get rid ofthe swinging rear door and make it a split lift gate like the LX?!
    • If you look closely at a few of the pictures, it's still the swinging rear door. I think the Lexus press release would mention that it's a lift gate and have some photos to back it up.
    • They dropped the price $5k!? Source? That's going to kill resale value of the '10-'13 models!
    • Nevermind - obviously skipped the reading portion of the article :)
    • dude this is a truck at the moment it doesn't even have a competitor all Lexus did was update it so it wasn't the only vehicle to be left out until the figure out what to do. This truck won't and can't compete with X5 MLs or MDX or JXQX70 or Audi Q7... how can a truck compete with car base platform people will buy this as its more appealing and manly from those other cars. Only the Ranger Rover top end one I see these car competing with including the LX. that why I always think the LX and GX should aim at Ranger Rover customers and once the TX NX RX get going now then we will have a full competition to those other cars. Give them credit where its due they could've easly just kill off the GX ... just chill you guys make it seems like Lexus can't do there own thing once in a while why do they always have to do what the Germans do or compete with. Them in every class. Look at MB G Class tell me who does it compete with ok then! BTW they drop the starting price doesn't mean they don't have faith in there vehicle do you feel the same way about the IS then?? It isn't going to cut it because Lexus drop the starting price? Dude I respect you but chill sometimes you can't always be right
    • Joe

      Great post and I completely agree. And THANK YOU for reminding people that the GX is a truck!
  5. The Spindle Grill just does not work on this one.
  6. I thought Lexus vehicles are suppose to be their own vehicles and not rebadged Toyotas?? What happened?
    • The Land Cruiser is a very well-known model and from my point of view not a cheap one. They will eventually have their own platforms but to be able to do that the product has to be good, it needs to sell and at this moment the GX nor the LX are leading the SUV sales.
    • Wait so because its isn't leading the SUV sales its not a good enough vehicle. It's an 87,000$ truck its a special.kind of vehicle. That's very popular in the middle east. And here in New York there is a lot of them.
    • In the US, the JX, GL, Q7 outsells the GX+LX for a pretty big margin. I'm not saying that it's not a good product, it is indeed but the 2012 GL and even the 2007 GL, Q7, etc were more stylish than the GX. I am a Lexus "die-hard fan" and because of it I am realistic at the things that they are doing wrong. Unibody platforms sell way more than body-on-frame. The GL is unibody for instance.
  7. As a fan of Lexus and of course Toyota and cars in general I feel every brand needs that one vehicle that's say look am different and just because my neighbor has one doesn't mean I have to have one I will get something bigger and better. Many of you guys feel that Lexus always have always have to compete with BMW AUDI and others and offer there cars way less even tho its been proven that Lexus cars has way more value that's because Lexus offer better quality parts and materials which has been proven time and time again... So I have a question why you Lexus fans always want Lexus to settle and follow? I love Lexus and I love the GX and am so happy it got the spindle grille I don't want it to go and I hope it doesn't I hope in the future there will be space for trucks frames not just for work trucks only as even that's going away. Right now no one offers the type of strength style and luxury the way the LX and GX does and I hope they stick around but dam this thing looks sexy sleek and mean like it will eat up those crossover. Honestly too I think if I was to stack this car up base on design luxury and quality I would choose this before maybe Acura then ML followed by X5 JX Q7 Then GX
    • 1. This vehicle just isn't very attractive or competitive with others in it's price range. If you sit in a Audi Q7, which costs less, you will think the Audi is $65k, and you will look down on the GX. It's not very good. Everything Lexus makes isn't the best vehicle you can buy. The 2nd row seats are solid as a rock. It is too truck, and doesn't fit the market at all. People don't use these as trucks. They want more room, style and comfort. This doesn't cut it. 2. Lexus started the crossover with the RX in 1999. The Mercedes ML was the first, but it looked like a minivan, and it's quality was atrocious. The RX was the first crossover that was done correctly. So Lexus is following IT'S OWN LEAD if it makes a bigger crossover. They should have made the old HPX concept. Lexus is admitting they missed that one by going crossover next time around. If this vehicle was kicking --- in the marketplace, you'd have nothing to worry about. But this will become a crossover, and it's a decade overdue, really. The Mercedes GL is making BANK, at $60k plus, selling twice what this does. Lexus had the idea first, but passed on it, and now sees the error in their ways. 'Nuff said..... BD
    • the GX&LX sold way a lot more than the sissy RX at Kiev they are the most cars you can see with the LC , Prado, FJ, Fortuner, Range Rover & Range Rover sport so the moral not every one love the sissy crossover i admit, i see a lot also of Cayenne, Touarge, FX but not as much as the body on frame bunch of trucks
    • The GL is way more attractive than the previous GX. More elegant, more stylish and premium. The GX sorta felt like a rebadged Toyota. People shopping on these segments do care about prestige and perception. On top of that the GL is based on a unibody while the GX is based on a body-on-frame which is worst compared to a unibody for road comfort with no off-road.
    • You don't know what the crap your talking about go sleep.
    • Well then, take a look at GL sales compared to the GX and LX together and you'll know.
    • They gonna leave the off-road capabilities to the LX since to be honest I'm 90% sure that most owners of their GX don't really take the off-road, at least in the US. The LX will probably work better than the GX on that market and they can build a better GX with a sedan platform like the RX and leave the truck platform to the LX.
    • Please write shorter sentences! Thanks!
  8. seriously tho if this car had a car base platform with the same design it has now its a fact that this would be the best out there next to the MDX and X5
  9. It looks beefed up, I love it! ps. I just saw the new IS350 with F-Sport today in white, it's a lot nicer in person!!
  10. I think it looks great and resembles the LX 570 in many ways....this will do very well until new crossover emerges. Just disappointing that it did not debut with Spindle conversion and introduction....feel like LEXUS lost many thousands of sales due to waiting. However, it is very becoming as a smaller sibling to the big brother LX. The front fascia is outstanding for a refresh !
  11. It looks very nice! It will sell!
  12. Better headlights and a good idea up front but... it's all crooked. Why is it so hard to make lines flow for Lexus? I mean, Toyota can do it... sometimes. Still a nice big SUV but the design is actually quite horrid. Lexus, hire some new designers please.
    • Joe

      As this is a rebadged Toyota with some extras (engine, spindle grille, equipment), it will never be a true Lexus... in my opinion. Design-wise, this new GX doesn't improve the already horrible Toyota base.
    • I think the Toyota base was quite attractive actually. But yeah it's not really a Lexus...
  13. Awesome ! Lexus GX finally looks good in my opinion ! But the Prado is a mess now , I hate how the headlights looks like on Prado , and the stupidly large grille !
  14. so when are they updating the website?
  15. I honestly think Lexus should abandon the circles and go with the vertical LEDs like their concepts. Gives it a much more modern, cleaner aesthetic.
  16. Jay

    Likes: ... the updated styling. Spindle grille looks great on the GX! ... though modest, the interior updates are quite nice. I'm sure Enform is included with the GPS. Dislikes: ... same engine. Lexus should have updated the engine, or stuck the 5.7 liter from the LX 570 in to the GX. The previous GX sold so well because many considered it a baby LX. ... Why the ugly wheels? They look so busy and small! I hope they will offer sportier wheel options. ... looks too low to the ground. Just take off the lower plastic panels, they aren't doing any favors for the GX.
  17. This is actually nice!
  18. The lower half definitely needs some horizontal bars. That seems to be what makes the grille work on the RX, but it just looks like a black hole here. Less than elegantly done. BD
  19. The new format (GIANT top banner) of this site is a little too much.
  20. Simply ugly and embarrassing! Delete GX and LX out of line.
  21. just needs a nice set of wheels and it will complete the look
  22. Yayyy!!! No weird joystick for this car!!!!
  23. In the Gulf Arab Region, the LX & GX are kings. The sissy RX after all is a car, err SUV for the girls & soccer moms..
  24. I was surprised at how well the Spindle grille worked on the LX facelift. But it just does not translate well onto the GX. It's too wide in proportion to the car's overall width and makes it look narrow and tall.
  25. It's better but still not great. The back is literally almost identical to the original version of this model. The tail lights have always made me cringe and what do you know? Exact same tail lights as always. I agree with everyone... Lexus needs a model to compete with the X5, Q5, Evoque etc. design-wise and this is not it. As a proud Lexus owner, it makes me sad that Lexus still cannot figure this out.