Lexus Enthusiast Website Redesign

Lexus Enthusiast 9.0

Welcome to the next generation Lexus Enthusiast website!

This is the first major redesign since 2010 — the entire site has been rebuilt from top to bottom, and reflects much of the feedback from last month’s reader survey.

Here are some of the major changes:

  • First and foremost, the site was rebuilt with an emphasis on smartphones. I use my iPhone all day every day, and so do most of the people I know. Lexus Enthusiast is now optimized for mobile.
  • The navigation has been overhauled, with easier access to model information and category pages.
  • Both the model pages and category pages have been redesigned in the Pinterest style.
  • The single largest complaint from the reader survey has been addressed — photo galleries now work on smartphones.

This is only the first wave of changes — with this framework in place, Lexus Enthusiast will be adding features and introducing brand new areas to the site. There are also numerous tweaks and adjustments that will be made over time.

Of course, there will be some bugs and issues that need to be resolved — please let me know if you come across any major problems while navigating the site.


  1. Looks beautiful on my iPhone Krew! Looks like it blends nicely with iOS 7! Keep up the good work!
  2. My commentary looks even more Dynamite than ever! Righteous! BD
  3. This looks super clean! Love it!
  4. Dang... I've been around for a while. haha
  5. Very stylish!
  6. Site looks amazing
  7. Great work all around, especially love the homepage slider. Very elegant.
  8. Looking good! Needs a lil more work when typing on the Safari browser cuz the dark gray "Lexus Enthusiast" interferes a little. But still better than before ;)
  9. Very pleasing to look at easy ro navigate. Exactly what any website should be. Keep up the outstanding work,Kevin. :-)
  10. Where's the beer? BD
  11. I love it. Great job.
  12. any idea for a universal app like on ipad and iphone?
  13. very nice layout