Lexus Enthusiast Reader Survey Results

Lexus Reader Survey

Lexus Enthusiast completed its very first reader survey last week, and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that participated.

In the end, 738 readers finished the ten-minute questionnaire, and the results were very encouraging — there was plenty of thoughtful feedback, with much of it aligning with future plans for the site.

While many of the questions focused on site improvements, I did want to share a couple statistics:

  • 79% of respondents visit the site at least once a day
  • 77% feel the rate of news is “Just Right”
  • 70% of respondents own a Lexus, and the most popular model is the IS
  • Mobile visitors really hate the photo gallery presentation (this will be fixed shortly)
  • Even after such a long survey, 85% of respondents would be willing to answer more questions (WOW!)
  • 13% have a hard time spelling “enthusiast”

I did want to touch on one of the questions that raised some concern — rest assured, Lexus Enthusiast has no plans to become a members-only pay site. There are plans to launch a site membership program in the future, but it will be entirely optional.

(Winners of the survey prize packs have been contacted, congratulations if you were selected!)