Photo Gallery: 2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT in Matte Black

2014 Lexus IS F SPORT in Matte Black

As part of their dealership launch of the new IS, Lexus of Perth in Australia wrapped up an IS F SPORT in matte black:

The wrap looks to be super high-quality, and suits the car perfectly — add some lowering springs, and this car would be tough to beat. Great work.

(Thanks Morgan!)


  1. This matt black finish looks pristine making it unique. A Lexus 350 F Sport is certainly an awesome machine, but one with a matt finish is truly something to die for! :) By the way, the new IS-F CCS-R also looks stunning, and is now my new favorite; I've just added this cool pic, and here's where I found it -
  2. im not fan of this color. I think 350 fsport is much meaner in obsidian black.
  3. I don't get the whole matte black thing. And it's a black thing, so if anybody should get it, it's me! BD
    • I don't get it either. It is as if someone has finished the car with sandpaper. I saw yesterday a BMW M5 in matte black, man, that hurt my eyes !
  4. it looks unfinished :|
  5. It needs bigger custom wheels to go with that custom matte wrap, as of now looks not all the way customized.
  6. The wrap looks flawless, but matte black in its entirety is not for me. I prefer the deep black gloss of Obsidian especially against the Rioja Red interior.
  7. One of my problem with Lexus is the amount of wheel to fender gap they leave. It really affects the way the car looks. The previous IS250/350 didn't have much of a gap.
  8. Does the Australia version of the F Sport not include Twin Projector LED headlamps?
  9. How did I miss this? Sweet!