Photo Gallery: Lexus LF-CC Super GT Race Car

Lexus Super GT Race Car

More photos of the Lexus Super GT race car have been posted on the Lexus Racing website — here’s the full gallery:

The car was revealed today at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, alongside new Super GT versions of the Honda NSX concept and Nissan R35 GT-R — here’s a photo of the whole group, from the Suzuka Circuit Facebook page:

Lexus Super GT LF-CC Nissan GT-R Honda NSX

With three new cars from three strong competitors, this upcoming season of the Super GT Series is going to be something to watch — very exciting development today in Lexus racing.


  1. should have used the LFA.
    • I disagree. Why race a discontinued model when they can market a forthcoming new car, i.e. the RC-F (which the LF-CC will turn into)?
    • MD

      Agreed. It should have been the Lexus LFA because it has the chassis, suspension and engine that is the closest to what is used in proper racing. In most of the super GT cases, Toyota had to use different engines (3UZ or 3S) and chassis configurations for the Supra and SC430 since the 2JZ was not good enough for extensive endurance racing (too heavy, too laggy and turbos can overheat under extensive stress and boost pressure). It would have given Lexus the biggest advantage since Lexus would already be starting with something that is developed for racing.
    • The reason for Toyota not using the JZ power plant was because of the better weight distribution of the 3S not because of what you have mentioned.
    • MD

      The things I mentioned are all true characteristics of 2JZ. It was never used in any type of endurance racing for the reasons I explained. It is infamous for all of those things. Massive turbo lag that takes forever (when racing cars are the complete opposite), big overheating and AGT issues when stressed over a long period of time and also the cast iron-block is as heavy as concrete. All FACTS!
    • 3S-GT , aka the 503E , have massive Turbo lag as well , also it's not as light as you thought at roughly 195kg .
  2. Everyone has varying opinions about the NSX rolling around Ohio track. But damn, that Super GT Honda in white looks sexy af, hella mean! On a sidenote; Lexy is also very sexy, she just wore a more subtle classier dress to the photoshoot.
    • I cannot find the sexyness in that nsx..that front is just horrible. The lexus is so mean and looks like a serious killer. So excited to hear the roar of that beast.
    • I guess.... Whatever floats your boat.
    • MD

      Did you miss the uncanny resemblance of the Honda NSX with Honda Crosstour front end?? It is nearly identical to the Crosstour from the front and that definitely does not paint a flattering picture. The Lexus does look most bada** out of the three.
    • Well if it is, then this Honda Crosstour-NSX Super GT still looks cool.
  3. The GT-R is less slammed with new DTM regulation . :P As I understand , DTM regulation meant it have something like 5.0-liter V8 , does that meant it can't use the 3.4-liter V8 Formula Nippon engine anymore ? :(
    • V8 4.0 liters. All cars in DTM share the bosch electronics and there is an air restriction, so the power is limited around 450-500 CV
    • Thanks for the information ! But I find another information , it shows that the 2014 Super GT cars are only using DTM regulation in-term of downforce , exterior design & probably some mechanical things , but engine & transmission seems to follow Super GT's own rules ... the 3.4-liter Formula Nippon V8 .
    • It is more complicated. Cars in the DTM not only share a common regulation, they share a lot of elements and all cars are almost equal in practice. For instance, the chassis is the same for all, and it comes from the same factory. In the final step, MB, Audi and BMW put their lights, grille and badget so the car it is similar to a mass produced car, but it is not a "turism car" at all, there is no relationship at all with any street model. They call it M3 or A5, but it is pure marketing. Most other elements, as gearbox, brakes, tyres or electronics are common too. I doubt that proud Japanese are going to use Germany-made chassis and elements. Maybe they have created a similar chassis, but I don't know. By the way, DTM is going to 2.0 liters turbo in few years.
    • From what I understand , they make those 3 car with DTM-regulation , maybe some factory in Japan make a base chassis for those 3 car ? What about engine in DTM ? Do they all make by same maker or each car brand have their own 4.0 V8 ? If DTM is going to 2.0-liter Turbo (L4 ?) in a few years , that would slightly proved the rumor of the NSX-GT being 2.0-liter Turbo Hybrid in GT500 is real .
    • Nowadays the engine is not shared (I think that in some moments in the past, the engine was an Opel for all). The engine is competition specific, it doesn't came from any street car block. I am pretty sure that the current regulations forbid the hybrids, all the aspects of the engine and electricity are regulated. DTM was in danger many times in the past, so in the regulations they don't want tech innovation, because the search of innovation is linked to hight costs. They want technical equality and affordable costs. But F1 is going to use turbo and "hybrids" (KERS), so DTM may use it in the future.
    • Well , maybe on engine regulation , Super GT use it's own regulation ? Because they already adapted the 3.4-liter V8 from Formula Nippon , changing to 4.0-liter V8 like DTM is going to waste more money , no ? Another thing is , I had been told Super GT 2014's chassis will be built by Toray Carbon Magic co. ltd. .
    • A very interesting link.
    • Nice find ! Thanks !
  4. Makes the R35 GTR and NSX above look tame and lame! Looks like it will cut your heart out......AND EAT IT! BD
  5. looks like the RCF's wheel vents on front and back.
  6. The three jap muskateers right here :p
  7. Let me see the rear end! Looks so awesome!
  8. My God that looks amazing! Looks like it's ready to destroy anything in its path.
  9. Somebody please save the nissan and the honda from the beast
  10. Supra and the lexus SC from my forza racing game are the best cars to to play with. toyota knows how to make these racing cars