New Lexus Race Car to Compete in Japanese Super GT Series

Lexus LF-CC Race Car

Lexus has announced a new race car that will compete in the Japanese Super GT Series GT500 class starting next season. The vehicle will replace the Lexus SC 430 currently used in the Super GT races.

Officially, this new race car is based off the LF-CC concept — however, it does bare a passing resemblance to the camouflaged coupe concept currently racing around the Nürburgring in Germany.

Testing of the new race car began today at the Suzuka Circuit — more details as they’re available.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. What if I tell you , that is Lexus RC ?
  2. Now I'm wondering , is that RC didn't have separate headlight & DRL like IS , or because Super GT didn't use actual headlight , they just totally make it combined into one piece ? Still , it's an exciting news !
  3. well at least we get confirmation of the headlight shape :)
  4. Its interesting the picture is not giving much away of final detailed for the RC, the headlight are still being show propely
  5. That looks fantastic! Super excited for the RC!
  6. Hey guys , it's called Lexus CCX (yes , same name as my favorite Hypercar , the Koenigsegg CCX) , there's also NSX Concept & R35 GT-R getting ready for next year's Super GT's GT500 race ... it seems like the regulation had changed , and now their car are DTM spec . EDIT :
  7. Why do you say it's an LFCC? It looks exactly like an RCF.