Lexus July 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 23,031 total sales for July 2013, a 21.2% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 1,306 1,499 ‐16.4 8,858 10,945 ‐19.1
HS 2 4 ‐52.0 5 626 ‐99.2
IS 3,641 2,296 52.2 14,427 16,490 ‐12.5
ES 6,089 3,759 55.5 39,582 22,024 79.7
GS 1,722 1,662 ‐0.5 10,790 12,732 ‐15.3
LS 661 536 18.4 5,908 3,572 65.4
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 0 3 ‐100.0 17 27 ‐37.0
Total Cars 13,421 9,759 32.0 79,587 66,418 19.8
RX 8,437 7,357 10.1 54,255 51,374 5.6
GX 881 813 4.0 5,296 5,701 ‐7.1
LX 292 306 ‐8.4 2,308 2,874 ‐19.7
Total Trucks 9,610 8,476 8.8 61,859 59,949 3.2
Total Sales 23,031 18,235 21.2 141,446 126,367 11.9

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. July 2013 had 25 selling days, July 2012 had 24 selling days.

The center of attention is the new 2014 IS, and with 3,651 sales in its first full month of availability, it’s off to a decent start considering a general lack of inventory in dealerships.

With the Golden Opportunity sales event in full swing, the LS, RX & ES are all selling well — the new ES in particular has resonated with buyers, and shows no signs of slowing down.

As announced earlier this week, Lexus USA has boosted its sales target to 270,000 units — here’s Lexus USA general manager Jeff Bracken talking about the increase:

Because of the initial response to the new car, along with the continued hot pace being set by the ES, LS and RX, and the fact our historically best months of the year are still ahead of us, we’ve decided to move our sales target for the year up slightly, from about 260,000 units, closer to 270,000.


  1. 1. 23k is very solid, and matched Mercedes, just 1k behind BMW overall. Any month over 20k is a good month. Lexus is starting to get greedy. Until they can increase interest in the GS, 25k is not rally attainable. The GS is about 1200 units behind the A6, which it easily beat last year. 2. The IS is not in full stock everywhere, so 3600 is a decent start, easily taking food off the Cadillac ATS' plate (less than 3000). But I expect 4500 next month, minimum. Inventory shouldn't be an issue by the end of this month. 3. Lexus LS continues to remain ahead of A8 and 7-series overall, but nobody had a good month in the prestige class. 4. Infiniti has fallen off the grid, with sales falling to 7k for the month, down 33%. The G37 is in selldown mode, but will be at dealerships for the rest of this year. They need the Q50 to be a hit. Their new naming strategy won't make things easier..... BD
    • The GS is always going to be a tough sell as long as the ES is around and until the LS moves further upmarket (base price $80k+ category). I know they're totally different and have different competitors but something needs to set them further apart. The E-class is one of Mercedes' best sellers because Its considerably nicer than the C-class and much, much cheaper than the S-class. The GS is $10k more than the ES (which I believe cannibalizes GS sales) and you could get a base LS for close to the same price as a loaded GS. Also, the IS sales can't really be compared to the C-class or 3-series because of the fact the IS shares a stable with the ES. The lines between models appear blurred at times. More distinction in regards to price and size would solve most of the issues. The GS is gorgeous there's no reason why it shouldn't be able to outsell the 5-series or E-class.
    • The only reason the GS does not thrive is due to the ES. At times the ES could be considered a burden on the Lexus brand, because it really does cannibalise sales of the better GS. I bet the average transaction price of the IS is actually higher than the ES.
    • Infiniti makes some good cars but their entire strategy is failing. Renaming the entire line up is a huge mistake, especially using a confusing naming scheme. I hate to say it but Infiniti is becoming more like Cadillac and Lincoln. The quality is still pretty good (imo better than Cadillac or Lincoln) but they're becoming insignificant.
    • Yeah I kinda feel sorry for Infinti, their product are indeed very good, but I think their whole strategy is quite terrible and ever since Carlos Ghoson & the Renualt affiliation took affect has taken its toll on Infiniti. The G is an iconic car, why replace it??
    • I wouldn't say the Q50 is replacing the G. They are just renaming their entire lineup. But the stupid thing is, Infiniti plans on selling both the 2013 G and the 2014 Q50 concurrently.
  2. Not a bad month, it will get better in the upcoming month. But yeah it would be nice is the GS could atleast break the 2k barrier that it should be at.. But that's very hard because now the Lexus lineup has started to become a little bit too saturated. With ES, IS & GS
  3. What GS needs to increase its sale is none other than the GSF. I think the reason for the unimpressive sales is the ES. the ES feels more refine and comfortable plus the price so untill the arival of the GSF, 2k sales a month is impossible for GS.
  4. why is the GS monthly % chg negative?!!!
    • It is because of the selling days. Last year in July, it had 24 selling days. This year has 25 days.
    • Bob

      I don't think the ES has much impact GS sales. Not only are they very different cars they cater to s completely different market segment. The GS should be pulling in new customers to the Lexus brand and taking business from BMW. Audi and Mercedes. What Lexus has is marketing challenge because of its image for blandness among car enthuasists. That will take time to overcome but, in the meantime, some more aggressive head to head advertising would go a long way in driving more GS unit volume.
  5. Monthly sales by other brands, from Blueprint at CL. BMW-24,043 Benz-23,648 Lexus-23,031 Cadillac-15,652 Audi-13,064 Infiniit-7,762 Lincoln-6,919 Buick- 16,393 Acura-15,150 3-9,890 C-7,604 ES- 6,089 A4/A5-4,706 G-3,680 IS 3,641 ATS-2,905 CTS-2,889 MKZ-2,809 TL-1,843 TSX-1,680 E-5,605 5- 4,857 A6- 2,061 GS -1,722 MKS- 1,038 RLX- 617 XF-589 M -372 7-851 LS-661 S- 577 XJ-570 Panamera-487 A8-452 Equus-173
  6. Lexus needs todo more really classy advertising, even their brochures are not up to the standard of say BMW. Excellent product undersold, once you own a Lexus you will understand just how good the Brand is but they must move everything upmarket from dealerships, brochures and advertising the sheer brilliancy of their lineup is not put across to the general public clearly/boldly enough. Their website also needs similar attention to detail, if I can put it this way more black and white photography than glossy and cheap ish looking shots of the various models, Lexus does not need to photoshop their products, show them like they are!