More Analysis of the Upcoming Japan-Only Toyota Harrier

Toyota Harrier Lexus RX

Circling back to last week’s announcement about the new Japan-only Toyota Harrier, Joaquin over at Kaizen Factor digs deeper into how it relates to the next-generation Lexus RX.

(Didn’t realize Toyota Japan was still selling the previous Harrier based on the second-gen RX.)

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  1. Yup , they sell it until very recently , but with only 2.4-liter regular model or the 2.4-liter Hybrid ... Harrier used to have 3.0-liter V6 model before (even when RX get 330 & then 350) .
  2. Now, only if the media can see that this will not be the next generation RX.
  3. It's a perennially beautiful vehicle. Its proportion looks just right.
  4. It looks nice
  5. Next year is a new RC and NX Crossover 2015 is the new LS and RX BD
  6. In my opinion, if Lexus does base the RX of this then they would lose the image they're trying to gain. They announced that they would start to distant their vehicles from Toyota's vehicles. Also this Harrier is kind of a step back from the current RX. Finally, I don't think this will be the next RX because the current RX was introduced off a concept. The Harrier never got the current RX's look either. I think the current RX being based of the concept showed that Lexus is done with the Harrier and wants to build it on its own platform.