Everyday Driver Comparison: Lexus IS 350 F SPORT vs. BMW 335i vs. Cadillac ATS

Lexus IS Everyday Driver Comparison

Todd & Paul over at Everyday Driver have released a comparison test between the Lexus IS 350 F SPORT, BMW 335i & Cadillac ATS, and it’s a very thorough look at the three sport sedans:

The shock that these two presenters have at choosing the Lexus as the comparison winner is priceless — they can barely believe the words coming out of their mouths. To me, that’s a huge endorsement. Great review.

(Thanks Bobby & Ryan!)


  1. It's amazing to see how much they love the IS. typo: 'mouthes' - mouths.
  2. suck it beamer and caddy
  3. Pretty much Car & Driver's comparison of these three cars, revisited. They had the Bimmer 2nd, and Caddy a distant 3rd, due to the small back seat and CUE. BD
  4. Guess the only let down was the engine and the controversial looks by the Lexus
  5. Everybody is inlove with the IS looks around the world. It shocking! it grows on you
  6. In my country there is no Caddy available so i cant speak for that. but what i can say is that, the F30 has lost is charm. so it being last in terms of handling isnt surprising. i driven the IS250 before and it was really versatile. long cruiser, its comfy. if you want a bit of fun, its quite available as well
  7. I wish lexus will fix the controversial look of the IS fsport. All other spindle grill are coherent in the rest of lexus line up. Heck, I even preferred the spindle grill of the updated HS than the new IS Fsport'. Lexus done a pretty good job on integrating that brake cooling inlet in the previous IS and the current GS, why they cant do that in the new IS? I believe if they can fix that grill, no doubt, this new IS will surely be the one to beat in this segment.
    • nothing wrong with the looks of the IS. Remember the LFA was mistaken for controversial by many at first, now they are loving it. wait and see that IS fsport at your rearview mirrors and then tell us wat you think
    • I've seen it in flesh side by side witj the
    • yeah the regular IS grill does look calmer. IS fsport is aggressive and it should be. some ppl will like it some wont. just because something dont appeal to our likings, it wrong of these guys at drive to stand there and call the car ugly. ppl are inlove with this car here in SA. fsport being overdone is our opinion