Lexus May 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 22,229 total sales for May 2013, a 3.6% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 1,623 1,549 4.8 6,039 8,059 ‐25.1
HS 0 21 ‐100.0 2 612 ‐99.7
IS 1,897 2,656 ‐28.6 8,867 11,622 ‐23.7
ES 5,890 2,937 100.5 27,813 14,485 92.0
GS 2,015 1,996 1.0 7,340 9,050 ‐18.9
LS 996 459 117.0 4,556 2,560 78.0
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 1 3 ‐66.7 16 22 ‐27.3
Total Cars 12,422 9,621 29.1 54,633 46,412 17.7
RX 8,714 10,647 ‐18.2 37,171 35,376 5.1
GX 745 808 ‐7.8 3,531 4,080 ‐13.5
LX 348 387 ‐10.1 1,725 2,242 ‐23.1
Total Trucks 9,807 11,842 ‐17.2 42,427 41,698 1.7
Total Sales 22,229 21,463 3.6 97,060 88,110 10.2

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. May 2013 had 26 selling days, May 2012 had 26 selling days.

Lexus USA had a very solid month, led by the huge 117% jump in LS sales and a similarly impressive 100.5% jump in ES sales. The GS also rebounded nicely with over 2,000 sales for the first time this year.

On the flip side, all the Lexus SUVs saw sales decreases — yet even with the 18.2% drop, the RX continues to be the best selling model in the lineup, and remains up 5% on the year.

Looking forward to the summer months, the new IS will be reaching dealerships and should bring a big boost to the sales numbers and some positive momentum through the second half of the year.

(Special thanks to Black Dynamite for his contributions to this report.)


Lexus Canada is reporting an 11.6% sales jump, with 1,556 sales in the month of May. Like in the USA, the LS brought a serious increase of 428.6% over last month, with the ES (56.8%) and GX (46.2%) close behind.

Here’s the full model-by-model breakdown for Lexus Canada.


  1. I'm expecting 4-5k a month in sales for the IS starting in August. And I think Lexus will sell 25k a month three times in the second half. They always approach 30k in December. BD
    • Wow black, in the meantime enjoy the huge improvment of CT and GS beside the usual good results of ES and LS. Instead i'm surprised for the RX: -18,2%,why? Overall i'm very happy for this result.
    • Regarding the RX, if you'll remember, that was actually the start of sales for the refreshed RX with the new Spindle Grille last spring. RX usually does not sell over 10k a month. 8700 is a fine month for the RX. It usually doesn't sell at a 10k pace except for "The December To Remember" year end closeout. Normal sales volume for the RX is 7-9k a month..... BD
    • That's right, thanks for the clarification.
  2. The spindle grill has certainly been working and shows that people
  3. One of those GS's is mine!!!! Lol Way to go lexus. Keep up the sales!
  4. Lexus numbers are very strong, considering how they don't even have an entry level sedan!
    • So whats the IS and ES then?
    • A D-segment (the IS) and E-segment (ES) cannot be a real entry level. An entry level sedan may be the CT in sedan form or the discontinued HS, some crappy premium like audi starts even from the B segment: the crappy A1 IS basically an overpriced VW Polo/Seat Ibiza/Skoda Fabia.
    • What I meant is that the new IS250/IS350 isn't on sale yet and volume is still quite good.