Joe Bacal & Lexus LX 570 Win Stock Full Class in Baja 500 Race

Lexus LX Baja 500 Winner

Joe Bacal and the JTGrey team have won the Stock Full class with their Lexus LX 570 in this weekend’s Baja 500 race. The team finished the race with an (unofficial) time of 20 hours & 15 minutes.

Driver Joe Bacal ‘ironmanned’ the entire 500 miles, driving without relief. Motocross racer Kalani Inez was the co-driver the first 230 miles, and Lexus International’s Paul Williamsen took over for the remaining 270 miles.

Congratulations to Joe & the entire team on the victory!

Update: John Dohrmann from Team One has sent over these photos of the LX in action: