First Lexus Short Film Beyond Memories Now Online

Lexus Short Films

Fresh from the Cannes Film Festival, the very first feature from the Lexus Short Films series has been posted on Youtube — this is Beyond Memories, directed by Cristina Molino, and it’s a haunting story of love lost:

While Lexus collaborated with the Weinstein Company for these films, the directors were clearly given artistic freedom to explore their own ideas — from watching Beyond Memories, it’s clear that there was no requirement to feature Lexus vehicles.

(This is the first feature to be released online, the remaining four films will also be posted on Youtube — once a week throughout June.)


  1. TLU

    I appreciate the creativity but they should focus more on the taste of their products.
  2. I wish Lexus would spend their money on improving the quality of interior materials, like on the new ES.
  3. While I too can appreciate creativity this film they should be like what BMWfilms did for their vehicles in 'The Hire" 8 short films with the vehicles front and center. This actor could have at least instead of running through Forrest could have drove her RX, GX, or LX just as frantically through it with the same thoughts running through her mind and stopping at a bridge and diving off leaving us to think "did she just off herself" No! she was searching for something that she earlier toss from the bridge!