Lexus Places Tenth in World’s Most Valuable Automotive Brands Study

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The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands for 2013 has been released, and Lexus has retained 10th place in the Top 10 automotive brands.

(According to BrandZ, Lexus is worth $3.5 billion in brand value. Toyota was #1, valued at $24.5 billion.)

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  1. The fact that audi has been valued 5,5$ bllions gets me nerves, crappy brand ever (147 problems per 100 veichles in J.D Power 2013 while Lexus did 71.
    • Did you ever own one lately? We have own Lexus for past 10 years but our 2006 A8L did 200k miles and was the best luxury sedan every. No problems at all other then small servicing and tires to be changed. It did better then any of the previous large size sedans we have. We now have a 2012 A8L with 26k miles and its rock solid. Our Q5 and A5 are perfect built with no issues after 1 year. Don't look at numbers, own one!
    • I had an a3 tdi and my brother had a Golf tdi (wich basically is an audi a3) and we had any kind of problems, i was reading about in their forum and their diesels really suck as reliability, the only thing I know about the a8 is that is the worst selling car in its segment (even in China), btw: I don't believe that you have any Audi's: Your comment sounds more like one left by a troll.
    • Btw: even if true does not mean anything because you bought their flagship and it's obvious for a car that cost like an apartment to be built much better than a regula a3 or a4. Then you say that you have even a q3 and a q5! lol! All these audi's? Where d'you live? In a dealership? Even so: What are you doing in a Lexus enthusiast site? You're obviously an audi fan or maybe, a troll.
    • Wow, goes to show how ignorent you are. I have a 2013 Lexus GS350 F-Sport and I traded in a 2011 BMW 5 series for it. Want proof? Go to here to see photos! I am a loyal Lexus owner. But however, I wanted to make the point that Audis are as reliable. Also, my 2012 Audi A8L as the next photo with 25k miles. And then my 2006 Audi A8L which was totaled with 200k miles. 2011 BMW 5 series which was sold.
    • My 2012 Audi A8L with 25k My 2006 GS300 with 70k miles and sold. I am not going any further. Sorry you had bad experience with Audis. I had a bad experience with my BMW 5 above. Audi A8L sells at a lower volume doesn't mean that its a bad car. Each to their own, but Lexus is not only the top reliable cars out there from my experience and I give kudos to Lexus for leading the game in this respect and adding the exciting Lexus GS350 F-Sport which out handled the BMW 5. These cars are used among wife, kids, and me.
    • Beautiful collection of vehicles -- quick question, did you compare the LS against the A8?
    • Let's dial it back on the name-calling -- @baloo588:disqus has every right to post here, and would be welcome even if he wasn't a Lexus enthusiast.
    • Thank you everyone. I love Lexus and I come to this website everyday and I have to say the GS F-Sport is my favorite all around sports sedan. It is used around town. The Lexus LS was a great car in the 90s but lately I wanted more from it. I still have to drive the LS F-sport package. So I will reserve my judgement on that car. However the Audi A8L was purchased at around 79k with some discounts but I always put alot of miles on that car so the value doesn't matter to me as I will keep it for 8 plus years. The A8L ride very smooth, has solid handling, acceleration and braking feel. Gets me about 550 miles on a tank of gas which is impressive for my 90 miles a day commute.
    • consider yourself lucky that your 100k A8 is worth 40 after 3 years...
  2. Just buy Aston Martin already Akio.