Lexus April 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 18,091 total sales for April 2013, a 1.0% decrease over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 1,171 1,620 ‐30.6 4,416 6,510 ‐32.2
HS 0 28 ‐100.0 2 591 ‐99.7
IS 1,797 2,344 ‐26.4 6,970 8,966 ‐22.3
ES 5,122 3,000 63.9 21,923 11,548 89.8
GS 1,236 2,006 ‐40.8 5,325 7,054 ‐24.5
LS 700 438 53.4 3,560 2,101 69.4
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 6 5 15.2 15 19 ‐21.1
Total Cars 10,032 9,441 2.0 42,211 36,791 14.7
RX 7,053 6,842 ‐1.0 28,457 24,729 15.1
GX 655 751 ‐16.3 2,786 3,272 ‐14.9
LX 351 517 ‐34.8 1,377 1,855 ‐25.8
Total Trucks 8,059 8,110 ‐4.6 32,620 29,856 9.3
Total Sales 18,091 17,551 ‐1.0 74,831 66,647 12.3

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. April 2013 had 25 selling days, April 2012 had 24 selling days.

Up 63.9% compared to the year previous, the new ES continues its super-strong growth with another stunning month of sales — the ES 300h is making a large contribution as well, accounting for 25% of total ES sales. The LS is also performing at a good clip (on pace for 10k sales this year), and RX sales remain consistent.

On the flip side, the rest of the lineup saw double-digit percentage drops, and none more dramatic than the GS falling 40.8%. Despite great reviews and plenty of marketing dollars, the GS has been unable to sustain the momentum of its launch, and is now behind the Audi A6 in sales for the year. The CT 200h is also lagging behind, dropping 30.6% compared to 2012.

There is good news on the horizon, as the third-generation IS will be reaching dealerships this summer — Lexus has an opportunity to finish the year strong.


Lexus Canada sold 817 units in the month of April, down 5.1% compared to last year. Standout numbers include the LS, which is up 1000% over last April, and the ES, up 45.4% for the year.

(Special thanks to Black Dynamite for his contributions to this report.)

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. The GS has been cannibalized from the ES, there is no other explanation.
    • Considering they have very different looks, drivetrains, and prices, that's a reach. But it may come down to something as simple as back seat space. Between the ES, GS and LS, the GS has the smallest back seat. Some people shop just like that..... BD
    • Black, maybe you're right but the rear space can't be the only reason, with a car like the GS wich has so many merits (best handling, best refinements, best reliability and even the best resale value) the rear space sounds like an excuse. I have a feeling: when the americans wants to get a GS they love the car at first but then, when they arrive to the Lexus dealer, they see the ES and thinks: "Ok this one cost the half part and the segment is the same..." but it's so stupid! cuz the ES sounds like a 3 Series competitor, not like a 5 series rival! Can you imagine the Lexus line up without the GS? CT, IS, ES and then...jump directly to the flagship LS! Hell no, i just hope they don't want to discontinue the GS after this generation in consequence of these numbers but i'm afraid considering the fact they wanted to discontinue the GS since the end of the previously generation. P.S: Forgive me for my bad english.
    • One problem is the ES is A BIGGER CAR than the GS! BMW and Mercedes only offer a large compact below their E-Class/5-series. If the ES was a lesser car, the GS would sell more...... BD
    • You make an excellent point. The GS is an amazing car, but when comparing similarly equipped ES/ GS models at the dealer, the GS usually comes out AROUND $10k higher. $10k! That's a lot of money. But, considering the competition and even that the next car "up" in the Lexus range starts at $70k - it's a relative bargain. You could quite literally get a fully loaded GS for what a base LS goes for. And the GS is much more engaging/ pleasing to drive.
    • Ali

      I am a Lexus guy. My wife is not and neither are my friends. At the dealership they can hardly tell differences. While the cars are parked . Interior looks the same besides the obvious 12 inch screen. ES is bigger. Another friend brought up the point... Hey look ES has chrome all the way on the spindle grill. GS doesn't. GS looks a little sharper. ES offers tech features that GS doesn't. Why make a cheaper car with more goodies. Difference between top model ES and GS in Canada is almost $20000 dollars. My wife loved Panaromic roof. Its been very hard for me to convince her on the GS. And I've been pitching her GS at home . In the mall. All the time. But she still brings up point about the ES for which I have no answer.
    • The answer is RWD vs. FWD. The GS is a true premium car, from the ground up, the ES is a non premium FWD car with some premium bits stuck on it. Do you want a car or do you want a CAR.
  2. Are there a couple of month percentage change calculations that are off a bit? Eg. the RX is shown as selling more units, but having a monthly decline. And the ES had a 70.7% increase if the unit figures shown are correct. Finally, where are the Canadian figures? Is Lexus unwilling again this month to reveal them?
    • The figures are based on DSR. Last April had 24 selling days instead of 25 selling days like this year.
    • I guess I'm not so bright, but all models were for sale 24 days last year and 25 this year so how does that explain the two examples I gave? Weren't all models available all days both years? Does it mean that the figures on which each model's percentage change are based are not the ones shown? For example, if not the ones shown what numbers were used to calculate the supposed decline in RX sales when the monthly figures show an increase, and the lower than 70% increase in ES sale. And, on the other hand, why are the percentages shown for the other models consistent with their unit sales figures would indicate?
    • The industry is using a different formula to calculate the numbers for the missing days. You cannot simply use the change in # of units sold divided by the previous numbers. If you calculate the %CHG for the other vehicles, you will notices that the numbers are off on all vehicle. All vehicles were sold during those days in both years. We just have an extra selling day this year than last year so the numbers will be off.
  3. Disappointing !!!
  4. The GS numbers are shocking... But don't worry lexus, you will have at least one sold in May!!! MINE :D
  5. GS styling still not quite hit the mark. It's a bit bland and lacks visual presence compared to the Germans. To me, that's the key factor to its decreasing sales. On the other hand, IS is a totally different story. It looks great inside and out. I expect it to do very well. In this top tier luxury segment, looks is everything! Lexus just gotta nail the look with the GS. They simply tuned it down too much from the concept car.
    • How can you tell this? Did you ever see the GS from real? It's somethin like a more sexy evolution of the BMW E60 wich is considered the best 5 series made by bmw (the current F10 has been very criticized instead and many bimmers would love to see a 5 series with a body like that instead of the current one) the GS looks quick,strong,stuck on the road , what about the rivals? we have the E Klasse wich is been ugliest until the facelift, but when i say ugliest i mean seriously ugly,it looks like a Frankenstein's sedan, again, we have the a6....seriously, the side is the same of the previously version dated 2005, the back has the tailights taken from the Jetta and the only "new" thing is the front with new LED/HID projectors, overall the a6 is the dullest sedan in the E segment, even worst than the Chrysler 300C (Lancia Thema in EU) wich at least has a more dramatic design, really disappointed by your pointless comment.
    • It's better looking than the E-Class, and they can't build enough of them. The problem with the GS is not the GS itself..... BD
    • The problem with the GS is that most loyal Lexus customers would rather a ES over the superior GS. I bet most GS sales are from former BMW, Mercedes owners etc..
    • The GS has one if the best interior in the industry!
    • It's not just the looks. V6s might have come a long way in power but in no way do they sound like a V8. (nor does this one have much performance from its V6- a modified Camry engine) Plus, I don't think "drivers" consider Lexus when purchasing a car and why would they? Lexus appeals to those wanting the prestige of Lexus and the reliability of a Toyota.
  6. they are actually right on target number wise for the GS they only want to sell 15-16K a year. I had a conversation with an exec a year ago when He saw it first hand... I would note that I am pretty in to cars and I can't tell if its a gs or an es until im up close. they really did make them very similar looking. back in 07 when when they redesigned the es350 the gs was totally different and looked great. and the LS was different as well. Now with the Is coming out, especially whe the Led running lights they all look very similar coming down the road.
  7. One thing I would like to ad is GS inventory is dwindling down as they ramp up for the 2014. Remember the 2013 has been on sale for well over a year. If you search its very hard to find a lot of combos. We own a modified GS F-sport and we didn't blink at the ES, mind you my first Lexus was an ES. They are apples to oranges. The ES is a fantastic car to own, the GS is a fantastic car to drive :)
  8. The GS is down quite a bit. Can't say we plan on staying with Lexus, despite the hard sell we're getting from our dealer. We'll either keep our GS or sell it go off to another brand. I don't foresee an upgrade to 4th gen unless they make changes to it. Had a 4th gen GS as a loaner and it just did not feel right at all. The face we thought was kind of ok, found the back lights just ... meh, they were better on the concept car.
  9. The Toyota Canada corporate website has posted a press release givng the April and Year-to-date sales results for Lexus Canada.
  10. I am a new Lexus owner of a 2013 ES 300h and have been very disappointed with the Mark Levinson system, I have been in communication with Lexus corporation and they have been the worst to deal with. Once my lease is up I will go back to BMW. If Lexus customer experience does not improve Lexus number will decrease. Below is a link of upset customer about the audio system that Lexus cannot get right, no wonder it took Toyota corporation 6 years to fix the acceleration problem.
    • You ought to check out the link to upset BMW owners and Mercedes owners.... All they do is complain of how those cars are constantly breaking and the dealer wants you back for mandatory bolt tightening... Those things don't even have proper seals on them Euro Junk..!
    • I read a little of the CL thread, but can't find the specific complaint -- can you post a direct link to the problem?
  11. I have owned a 2013 GS since April 2013 and I still have a problem distinguishing a 2013 ES model from my own GS from 50-100 feet away. The problem is most people like my self can not tell the difference to warrant a $ 10,000 difference in the price. When customer's see the cars in the dealers showroom side by side they opt for the ES model because of the price. I chose the GS to be different from everyone else on my street. Will never happen again.