Lexus USA Announces 2014 Lexus IS Pricing

2014 Lexus IS 250

Lexus USA has announced their pricing for the 2014 Lexus IS, let’s get right to it:

  • The IS 250 will start at $35,950, with the IS 250 AWD starting at $38,485.
  • The IS 350 will start at $39,465, with the IS 350 AWD starting at $41,700.

The new IS will come standard with HID headlamps, LED daytime running lights, Drive Mode Select, paddle shifters, a dual zone climate control system, color 4.2″ multi-information display and 10 airbags — all in all, over $1,400 in previously optional equipment has been made standard.

There will be three option packages across the full line, here’s the first two:

  • Premium package ($1,050 for RWD models, $610 for AWD models): LED headlamps and heated/ventilated front seats.
  • Luxury package ($3,665 for RWD models, $3,225 for AWD models): Includes the Premium package, plus perforated leather-trimmed interior, linear wood trim, electrochromic exterior mirrors with reverse tilt, rain-sensing wipers, driver seat memory, a power tilt/telescopic steering wheel, center stack knee pads and Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

The F SPORT package is a little more complex — all F SPORT models will come with the full-mesh grille and front bumper, LED headlamps, 18” split 5-spoke wheels, front sport seats, sport-tuned suspension, and feature the center-mounted tachometer with moving bezel adopted directly from the LFA. However, only the two IS 350 RWD F SPORT models are equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) and Sport S+ drive mode. This leads to four different prices for the package:

  • IS 250 RWD F SPORT package: $3,115
  • IS 250 AWD F SPORT package: $2,675
  • IS 350 RWD F SPORT package: $3,620
  • IS 350 AWD F SPORT package: $3,180

Beyond the option packages, there are some standalone options:

  • Navigation System: $2,085
  • Navigation System with Mark Levinson: $3,225
  • Backup Monitor: $350
  • Power Rear Sunshade: $210
  • 18” Wheel Package with All-season tires: $935
  • 18” Wheel Package with Summer tires: $935
  • Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS, available only on the IS 350 F SPORT): $400
  • Intuitive Park Assist: $500

The final pricing of the 2014 IS will depend greatly on how how dealerships option their inventory, but this should give interested buyers an idea on what to expect.

UPDATE: Quick correction — both the IS 350 F SPORT & IS 350 AWD F SPORT include the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) and Sport S+ drive mode. Only the IS 350 F SPORT is available with Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS).

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. So now they will not have any convertibles
  2. way too confusing with all the options/packages :p Although it could be worse and be like the German companies... now those make your head spin :o
  3. Lexus Holland is offering the avs/sport s+ mode as a separate option on the non f-sport IS300h. Bit surprised it is only available on the 350 f-sport rwd in the US
  4. In Canada, you can't get an F-Sport 350 RWD with Mark Levinson and LED headlights. Stupid, and because of it, Lexus has lost a sale. I thought this car was suppose to be for driving enthusiasts. We don't get the luxury of having the choices the US gets.
    • All F-Sport's come with LED headlights.
    • Yes I am aware they all come with LED daytime running lights. The one's im referring to are the actual headlight. They come standard with HID headlights (1 bulb), LED headlights (2 bulbs) is optional in tech package that is not available on F-Sport RWD 350.
    • That's what I am talking about, that's why I said headlight, not DRLs. Obviously right now info is all other the place, I just remember reading in some of the various reviews that have come out, that F-Sport is coming with LED headlights (2 bulbs) standard. But, as you stated that could be US only, not Canada. The Canadian order sheets that were posted on ClubLexus weren't all that clear.
    • The LED headlights are only in the Executive package for non-F-Sport IS350 AWD, according to the Canadian order sheet. It is stupid not to have the Executive package or F-sport Executive package available for the IS350 RWD. Besides, other than the LED headlights, what concerns me is the Mark Levinson option is not available at all for any RWD IS in Canada. 8-speakers for the standard audio may be just adequate but not great. More speakers may not lead to better sound but definitely it helps for sound imaging due to potentially better speaker placement.
  5. Italian price in EURO for the IS 300h (the only version available) IS 300h: 37.500 IS 300h Executive: 40.500 IS 300h F-Sport: 44.000 IS 300h Luxury: 50.000
  6. I'm glad Lexus made the HID standard now, unlike those damn Germans that still have option HID arggg. I hope this goes to all the lineups as well!
  7. Caranddriver comparo IS350 vs 335 vs ATS
  9. Quick correction — both the IS 350 F SPORT & IS 350 AWD F SPORT include the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) and Sport S+ drive mode. Only the IS 350 F SPORT is available with Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS).
  10. About the LED running lights. Are they giving the option of reg. warm light and crisp blue white? Cause I would be PISSED if I rolled away with warm light. Stupid question? Haha
    • Good questions actually.. Anyone?
    • LED strip comes in different color temperature. I would think they will match the color temperature of IS with that of the rest of the lineup (CT, ES, GS, LS, RX, etc). But I doubt if they give the factory option of warm or white.
  11. 1. Great picture of the red IS on the front page! 2. I was dead on about the price of the IS250 to start (Ok, I was off by $45), but they are going for high value with the price-break on the IS 350. I was expecting $41k to start, but the IS250 goes up about $850, and the IS350 goes DOWN the same, a net $0 price increase! Excellent value! 3. The AWD is a little overpriced. $1500-2000 is the right amount. But at least it's available on all models! 4. I expect a new turbo-4 at the end of next year, and a upgraded V6 for the 350 at the end of 2015. 5. My sources are telling me the IS350 did defeat the previously undefeated BMW 335i (and the lesser Cadillac ATS 3.6) in a comparison test for their June issue! A one point win over the BMW 335i, and a 7 point win over the neophyte ATS, so I believe congratulations are in order! "The Lexus IS350 is the greatest luxury sports sedan in the history.....of luxury sports sedans! We used to love the BMW 3-series, until we met a Lexus that was, like.....better." - Car & Driver, June 2013 BD
  12. With those prices there is no reason why most people shouldn't get the IS350!
  13. Lexus is still charging extra for a back-up camera. Sad.
  14. Love this, just bought it!!!! I've had 335 BMW, and Mercedes Benz c class. This Is is no comparison!! Best car I've driven!! Fun to drive and looks different, not the same styling like other German cars
  15. taz

    Compare this to the Australian price where the F Sport is $110,000 on the road for the 2013 model. Total ripoff buying any car in this country. It does come with a nice 17 speaker Mark Levinson Hifi system but that is probably the only thing worth it in the price.