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    Louis Sisbarro
  • May 21, 2013
Mr Kiyotaka Ise I have now two Lexus automobiles in my garage. A SUV and a Roadster so you might say that I am a good customer. The thing is Kiyotaka I have written several letters to the dealership I purchased my cars about a very very serious problem in the auto industry in general In the future I will not be buying a car that offers gasoline as a source of fuel. To be quite frank with you the car industry in general have been moving to slowly towards this important direction. I get very very unsatisfied replies to my question of non gas cars. The Company that will be first to meet the demands of there customers regarding this monumental problem will increase sale to a level far over there competition. This is a simple fact that the car industry finds hard to grasp. I am not quite sure why, it is what we in America call " A no brainer " I find the reluctance and have your marketing and design staff moving in a frantic state to be at the head of the your competition to and cross the finish line in this design race. A Company by the name of Teslar. They are now offering a battery driven car with charges every 300 miles and a new line called the Third Generation that will sell approx. 40,000 It is simple logic if they can do it why can't Lexus? When the time comes for a new car I will NOT by a car manufactured to us gasoline. The choice is simple Do you want Lexus to stay on top of their game or watch someone else guts and direction to move ahead.Don't loose your edge. Please don't tell me about Hybrids. too little too late. This is very good advise form a long time customer. I hope you are able to think outside of the box. My very best, Gook Luck to you and Lexus Louis Sisbarro
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  • October 6, 2013
Warning and alert to all Lexus drivers!!!!