Lexus GS Named One of Ward’s Top Ten Interiors of 2013

The new Lexus GS has been named as one of Ward’s 10 Best Interiors of 2013:

WardsAuto editors evaluated numerous luxury interiors this year and deemed the Lexus GS 450h to be the most visually stunning, from the satin metallic accents to the exotic bamboo trim, which brightens the cabin like a perfect sunset.

The rich, black leather, restrained backlighting and the level of craftsmanship throughout the cabin leave no doubt that Lexus is raising the bar for luxury interiors. The brand was shooting for a sporty, elegant ambiance, and the editors agree it succeeded.

The GS was the very first model to feature the next-generation of Lexus interior design, and the result is an impressive blend of modern styling, usability, and comfort — glad to see the GS interior recognized with this well-deserved award.

[Source: Wards Auto]

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Yay! Now get back on that Ward's 10 Best Engine list, Lexus!
  • R
    Richie Luu
  • April 15, 2013
Nothing short of expected from Lexus, their interiors bring light into a driving experience where other brands lack.
  • J
  • April 16, 2013
Nice. But... look at it from a European perspective and it feels slightly different. I do agree to some extend with the comments that you can read on the online article itself stating that Audi is on a higher level. The recent interiors of CT, GS, LS and new IS are a huge step forward (the current RX looks completely old fashioned now), but some small details still don't match the high standards that Audi has set a long time ago. Just a few examples on the GS: false aluminium inserts on F SPORT have a rather plastic touch & feel, interior door handles feel plastic and should be more solid, the dash design is great but the front door panels don't match (no fluid lines to make a link),... Also typical for Lexus (you will find it on all models): turn the steering wheel, look at the steering console and you will see a screw. Why is there no simple plastic cover for this...? On the other hand: a lot of features that make some of the German interiors top of the bill are optional and expensive (inserts, better leather quality,...) and the standard finish of a Lexus interior is way better than a German competitor's base model. Perhaps I am too severe and cultural taste differences may play a role here. But I just find it a bit strange that Lexus manages to create a great top level atmosphere in its interiors (new design and overall material choice are first class) but still doesn't go all the way to make it perfect in detail.
    • F
    • April 16, 2013
    Audi interiors are bland, just like Volkswagen interiors!