Lexus March 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 23,190 total sales for March 2013, a 19.4% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 1,062 2,223 ‐50.5 3,245 4,890 ‐32.8
HS 1 261 ‐99.6 2 563 ‐99.6
IS 2,255 2,717 ‐13.9 5,173 6,622 ‐20.9
ES 6,798 3,141 124.4 16,801 8,548 99.1
GS 1,882 2,558 ‐23.7 4,089 5,048 ‐17.9
LS 980 573 77.4 2,860 1,663 74.2
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 4 4 3.7 9 14 ‐34.9
Total Cars 12,982 11,477 17.3 32,179 27,350 19.2
RX 9,072 7,057 33.3 21,404 17,887 21.2
GX 770 940 ‐15.1 2,131 2,521 ‐14.4
LX 366 666 ‐43.0 1,026 1,338 ‐22.3
Total Trucks 10,208 8,663 22.2 24,561 21,746 14.4
Total Sales 23,190 20,140 19.4 56,740 49,096 17.1

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. March 2013 had 27 selling days, March 2012 had 28 selling days.

The Command Performance sales event ran nationwide throughout March, and brought some huge boosts to the models included in the promotion — the ES more than doubled its 2012 sales, the GS jumped close to the 2,000 sales mark, and the IS performed well even with an all-new third-generation model on the horizon.

Other positives are the LS & RX — the new 2013 LS fell just short of 1,000 sales, and the RX is an absolute workhorse for the brand, jumping 33.3% over 2012 and accounting for 39.12% of total US sales.

On the other side of the ledger, the CT 200h is struggling — the model dropped 50.5% compared to last March, and is currently 32.8% on the year. It will be interesting to see how Lexus addresses the CT sales slowdown in the coming months.

Let’s end off with a quote from new group vice president and general manager of Lexus USA, Jeff Bracken, during the monthly sales conference call:

On the luxury hybrid front, Lexus continues to lead the way, now with five luxury hybrid models.  Our March hybrid volume totaled 3,617 and now totals nearly 10,000 units for the year, 23 percent higher than last year.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. LS and ES sales are impressive, GS not to shabby either but could be better. Hmm, no love for the GX and LX lol...
  2. Impressive numbers overall, particularly Lexus ES and LS. Lexus should be selling 20-25k every month. Anything less is sub-par. But in March everybody puts up big numbers. they need to follow this up with 20-21k next month..... The LS proves that not only the new Spindle Grille is bringing in business, but the LS PRICE was raised several thousand dollars along with the new face, and sales are up 70%+?!? Proves the LS brand is strong, and the grille is an asset worth building around. People want to be apart of a cohesive brand identity. Lexus hits the mark! I expect LS sales to fall off next year, and 2015 to bring an actual redesign, but the facelift seems to be stretching the soup very nicely...... BD
  3. These numbers HAVE to continue if we want sportier offerings under the brands umbrella.
  4. thought the GS numbers would be better considering the amount of advertising they did in March with their specials...
  5. I wonder if the CT continues to decrease in sales if Lexus would consider upping to a more powerful hybrid version (300h) or adding a non-hybrid version (utilizing the 2 litre turbo said to be out in upcoming years), or if it will be taken from North American line up like the HS. To me I think Lexus needs to retain a vehicle like the CT, and for owners I think they can say they are happy with the vehicle, yet they wish it had a little more oomph.
    • I'm expecting that new turbo-4 to end up under the hood late next year, with the ES hybrid setup also.... BD
    • Would Lexus consider a CT sedan I wonder? Audi has an A3 sedan now. The CT is based off the Corolla platform I believe, so a sedan is certainly technically possible. In some ways it is remarkable how many CTs are sold rather than how few, given that there is one body type and one engine option.
    • Odds are the CT, or future equivalent, will move to the Scion FRS platform. Lightweight, RWD, and has the engine it needs to be competitive. All it needs is a different shell and a Lexus interior..... BD
    • As an owner for just over 2 years now, I am extremely happy with the CT however I strongly believe the powertrain does not match the looks for what these buyers in this segment want. I'm sure the CT's design and fuel economy lures test drivers at the show room but some certainly walk away after the test drive (CVT and underpowered 1.8L hybrid engine). Many buyers in that luxury hatch market are looking for performance and go for an A3 2.0T or TDI to get fuel economy as well. Lexus needs to put in the 2.5L Hybrid engine (CT 300h) to get more sales even with a well-justified 3-4K$ premium. I know I would purchase it... The engine is there Lexus, why always the hesitation and worry about stealing sales from other Lexus products? Realistically, what percentage will actually cross-shop a CT 300h to an ES 300h and steal ES sales (or vice versa)???
  6. people are buying es more over ct because customers want a roomier and fuel efficient car. before the es hybrid was introduced, ct was the only option for most people who wanted affordable hybrid car. but majority people didn't like the small space inside the ct. until the es hybrid came out. i currently have a ct myself and im waiting for lexus to come out with small crossover rumored to be called the nx. i need a bigger car now.. my family is getting bigger. i need a affordable, roomy, hybrid car. ( not an ES fan ). and preferably an all wheel drive. please lexus!! come out with the nx this year at the Tokyo show!!! or i might switch to subaru forester....
  7. The ES & RX are true stars! The LS is also pretty good. The rest need to work harder! They're niche!
  8. PG

    The CT will pose a real challenge for Lexus, and it won't get easier in the coming months when the A3 (in US-friendly sedan bodystyle) and the CLA hit the market. The latter might not be a high-quality car, but, frankly speaking neither is the CT. The main difference here being that the CLA costs less and looks more expensive.. Perhaps a sedan version and some more engine choices would help the CT. But my guess is that Lexus will wait until the next redesign (when of course everyone else in the market will have established themselves and acquired a loyal following) or kill the CT off in the US altogether.
  9. Yet another month has gone by with no comparable release of Lexus sales in Canada. They must be pretty dismal.