2014 Lexus IS 350 Gets Smarter 8-Speed Transmission

Lexus IS 350 Lexus Magazine

The 2014 Lexus IS 350 will introduce a new transmission technology that improves handling by holding the proper gear in high-speed cornering.

It’s called the G Force Artificial Intelligence system, and Lexus Magazine has all the details.

Read about the G-AI transmission in the 2014 IS


  1. MT

    Hmm somehow i thought that the GS already keeps low gears while cornering?
  2. This is cool Bye Bye BMW But we can expect BMW to ramp up the cash on hood scheme to counter the new IS 
    • PG

      BMW has the ZF eight-speed box in basically any car they make. When it comes to powertrains, they are miles ahead of Lexus. That's what Lexus gets for cheaping out on the technology trickle down. Lexus was first to offer an eight-speed auto (2006 LS) but didn't spread it throughout the model range.
    • Visit the BMW forums and read the multiple posts complaining about the throttle lag and inconsistent throttle response of the 535i and 550i and tell me again that BMW is ahead of Lexus in terms of power/drive train . LOL.
    • Yeah i know man what you mean.. But people always talk without any experiences  I have driven the IS350 & GS350 and the motors and drivetrains are extremely good.. Extremely refined, quiet, smooth and effortless. Good MPG and more reliable than anything else  2GR-FSE is one of the best V6 out there, despite only 306HP you can see people achieve sub 5 second 0-60mph like n 4.8 seconds Stock IS350 is 5.4 seconds whwich is fast But these Lexus engines are extremely refined and smooth and the throttle is pure and linear, no lag or anything like BMW
  3. sounds impressive but will regular day to day drivers notice?
  4. Sounds like a fancy way of saying "The transmission doesn't shift in corners.  G-meter tells the transmission to hold the current gear" BD
  5. Consumer Reports says the new IS is being built on the GS chassis? True? Are there other similarities?
  6. MT

    According to this, the new Auris (I only have the old one :-( ) already has this feature on the 1,6  CVT powertrain. So i don't know the big fuzz Lexus makes about it if it is available on a standard compact Toyota. [...] Sport mode also features precise cornering control. Upon detecting deceleration, the system downshifts and applies engine braking to assist the braking force. Mid-corner, the system suspends shifting when lateral G-force is detected. On corner exit, predictive downshift logic controls the system to ensure the optimal gear ratio is selected for required level of acceleration." [...] http://ems.toyota-europe.com/DownloadFile.ashx?path=/Lists/EMS%20Documents/Paris%20Motor%20Show/Paris%2012/Paris_MS_2012_EN.pdf