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TRD Japan & Modellista to Release Third-Generation Lexus IS Body Kits

Here’s the first look at the TRD Japan & Modellista body kits planned for the third-generation Lexus IS, by way of Club Lexus (click for a larger version):

Lexus IS Modellista & TRD Body Kits

Looking like a cellphone photo of a magazine, the details aren’t too crisp — I will say this, the wheels on the TRD Japan IS are fantastic (they remind me of the TRD Circuit Club Sports IS F.)

[Source: Club Lexus]

  • B
  • March 7, 2013
I think a stacked exhaust like the IS-F might look better.Like the TRD wheels...not so sure about the rest!
  • S
    Sabrina Winstone
  • March 9, 2013
Love the TRD Kit!! Definately think they did a much better job on the 3IS than they did with the GFX bodykit for the 2IS. Love the TRD wheels too..always liked the elegance of the ISP style wheels on the 2IS but felt they were a little too small.. this is perfect!! Wow!!