TRD Releases Lexus IS F Circuit Club Sports Parts

Lexus IS F

Toyota’s TRD performance division has unleashed a serious set of upgrades for the Lexus IS F, all based on CCS Concept shown at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon.


TRD Lexus IS F Exterior Aero Parts

The exterior has been tricked out with a full carbon fiber kit: the hood, front under-spoiler, fixed rear wing & rear diffuser are all CF.


TRD Lexus IS F Wheels

TRD also has two new lightweight wheel designs, one made from magnesium and the other out of aluminum.

Chassis & Drivetrain

TRD Lexus IS F Performance Parts

TRD has developed both a two-way adjustable damping suspension kit and a fixed damping suspension kit, a handbuilt LSD, new TRD brake pads, front & rear stabilizers and a Titanium muffler.

TRD Lexus IS F Performance Muffler & Sway bars


TRD Lexus IS F Interior Carbon Fiber

The final touch is this carbon fiber interior trim — absolutely beautiful.


Here’s where the fun begins — parts are sold either individually or in packages:

  • Package 1: All parts with fixed suspension, no wheels & no LSD: £3,586,485 ($46,624 USD)
  • Package 2: All parts with fixed suspension, aluminum wheels: £4,676,385 ($60,793 USD)
  • Package 3: All parts with adjustable suspension, magnesium wheels: £5,568,885 ($72,395 USD)

For as nice as the parts may be, the prices will put most of these options outside of the reach of most enthusiasts — par for the course when we’re talking about TRD parts. As such, we’re unlikely to see any IS F CCS parts making their way to North America.

View the full TRD IS F price list (via Autoguide)