TRD Releases Lexus IS F Circuit Club Sports Parts

Lexus IS F

Toyota’s TRD performance division has unleashed a serious set of upgrades for the Lexus IS F, all based on CCS Concept shown at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon.


TRD Lexus IS F Exterior Aero Parts

The exterior has been tricked out with a full carbon fiber kit: the hood, front under-spoiler, fixed rear wing & rear diffuser are all CF.


TRD Lexus IS F Wheels

TRD also has two new lightweight wheel designs, one made from magnesium and the other out of aluminum.

Chassis & Drivetrain

TRD Lexus IS F Performance Parts

TRD has developed both a two-way adjustable damping suspension kit and a fixed damping suspension kit, a handbuilt LSD, new TRD brake pads, front & rear stabilizers and a Titanium muffler.

TRD Lexus IS F Performance Muffler & Sway bars


TRD Lexus IS F Interior Carbon Fiber

The final touch is this carbon fiber interior trim — absolutely beautiful.


Here’s where the fun begins — parts are sold either individually or in packages:

  • Package 1: All parts with fixed suspension, no wheels & no LSD: £3,586,485 ($46,624 USD)
  • Package 2: All parts with fixed suspension, aluminum wheels: £4,676,385 ($60,793 USD)
  • Package 3: All parts with adjustable suspension, magnesium wheels: £5,568,885 ($72,395 USD)

For as nice as the parts may be, the prices will put most of these options outside of the reach of most enthusiasts — par for the course when we’re talking about TRD parts. As such, we’re unlikely to see any IS F CCS parts making their way to North America.

View the full TRD IS F price list (via Autoguide)


  1. The parts are more than the car! 
    • I cannot fathom how anyone would pay more than MSRP for an upgraded parts package.  To me it does not make sense.  If anyone can explain how it would make sense to do so, please do.  I guess one would really, really have to love the IS F and want it to be as high performance as possible, rather than simply buying a different car for $140,000.
    • Actually,it's more than $140 000 when you factor in labour & I do agree with you,it's a lot to shell out,especially when you consider the perfectly good parts coming off the vehicle that you already paid for initially with the purchase of the vehicle it self.Where both the accesories & vehicle it self come from the same manufacturer,it would be nice to have these option packages installed on the assembly line.This would cut costs considerably for the consumer where you wouldn't have to pay for some parts of the vehicle(plus installation of the parts)twice.I do think this is somthing we'll see from Lexus in the future though with future models.It's Akio Toyoda Sans plan to offer high end option packages like this from the factory to select individuals who wish to differentiate them selves from the rest of the population.(simular to Nissan's offering for example with the GT-R egoist edition.)
  2. The parts are amazing!The fixed rear wing seals the deal.I like the front spoiler & hood more than the ones available from iCode.the hand built LSD is as nice as the one available from iCode.The wheels are nice, so now I'm torn between the TRD mags,BBS/iCode mags available from iCode & NEEZ Jap. forged wheels(also available in forged mag. & forged aluminum)The titanium exhaust is as nice as a Tom's exhaust & a Tom's titanium mid pipe would compliment it beautifully!And what can I say about CF interior parts with a perfect factory finish from Lexus?!Absolutely amazing!!
  3. Oops.It seems as though I forgot to comment on some additional TRD/IS-F parts.I dont think anything else needs to be said.The one of only two loom machines in the world that Lexus invested in for the LFA project was a smart move on lexus' part.Clearly this is just the begining of more things to come from Lexus. BMW...You've been warned!
  4. So what are the performance spec on a full up grade, where is the value other then cosmetic.
    • There's a V-spec kit available @ for the GT-R,it self quite expensive at around $100 000.This is about $20 000 more than buying an actual V-spec,not including labour.Anyways,there's no performance upgrades for this package either.The kit includes CF Nismo seats($27 500),but it doesn't include a CF hood,CF interior bits,LSD,CF spoilers or brake pads.Their titanium exhaust is also $27 500 for the record.You can purchase CF parts from Mines,but these prices may give you a REAL shock.Just a little comparo to demonstrate that these prices may be competitive.This doesn't mean that I think there affordable, or even realistic,but they're certainly not the most expensive body parts out there.
  5. Do those prices include an IS350?
    • I meant to include a sarcasm icon :$ That is a lot of cash
    • If you look up the said products that I mentioned above from Tom's,iCode & NEEZ Jp.,you'll see that the TRD parts are priced competitively.You can find the said parts at, & I would sooner have the  high end parts on my lexus just the same as how a BMW owner would prefer parts & packages from Dinan.A lower end vehicle wouldn't matter so much,but it's a matter of each owners preferance.Personally I don't think Toyota is trying to make a profit from the sale of these items.I think it's more of a design exercise to show what they're capable of the same as the LFA.Like I said above,it's a sign of more things to come from Lexus that will eventually become more main stream & more affordable.
  6. I also think it's a bad call to put TRD labels on a Lexus Considering all of the money and effort spent on branding trying to differentiate the Lexus brand from Toyota, I consider this a step backwards. It only reinforces the misconception that a Lexus is just a Toyota with a little glitter, which I am sure that we can all agree is not true.
    • TRD has a very big following in Japan so I don't see why it is such a problem! At the end of the day, a Lexus is still a Toyota no matter what. I personally think the prices for all of this is in the right ballpark. A lot of R&D went into everything so they have to make their money back somehow.
    • I see your point,but with F-Sport IS 250 & 350's available & F-Sport performance parts available for them also,wouldn't F-Sport parts for an IS-F confuse things?An IS-F is still more performance oriented than an IS with F-Sport accessories.F-Sport is only meant to bridge the gap.They TRD body kits & wheels available for Scion TC's,but that doesn't make TRD any less worthy.
  7. interesting psot! thanks a lot for sharing!!!!!!!
  8. Toyota (Lexus) Selling parts that are ridiculously overpriced as always. For that kind of money you can get a GTR (package 3 anyone?) which would make owning the ISF with the pointless flare feel like you just got robbed.
  9. for all of you thinking that these carbon parts are made in the same loom used to make lfa parts, you're probably wrong. the loom makes 3 dimensional pieces easier, and a lot of these parts are likely made much easier the old way with molds and so on. also, these prices, if they are even the real prices, are a joke. think about the average buyer of an isf.... most likely he does not have the budget to double the price of his car. there may be a few that do have this budget, but why would toyota make all these extremely overpriced parts if only 10 people can afford to buy them. that is terrible business strategy.
    • If you can afford an LFA you can afford these parts.
    • You're right.I don't currently know how these CF parts are manufactured.Thanks for bring this to my attention.Kudo's still to lexus/Toyota for manufacturing these parts in house.I strongly feel they learned alot from the LFA project & that we'll see the fruits of this in the near future!
  10. I hate the wheel with about 20 spokes... yuck. The other wheel looks great. These are awesome parts glad to see Toyota & Lex taking advantage of the ISF. Very expsensive tho.
    • I see where you're coming from.I think the 20 spoke wheels are more track oriented & less about bling.What do you think about the magnesium offerings from BBS/iCode & NEEZ Japan?Personally,I like them both,but I really like the NEEZ wheels with a staggared lip for the rear wheels in retrospect to the front wheels.Even though the specially made iCode wheels are extremely rare & expensive,I think I like the NEEZ wheels the best because you see all kinds of BBS wheels out there but seldom do you see NEEZ & I find they give a nice custom look.NEEZ make each wheel specifically for the vehicle they're going on & even make one off creations by request & special on line order form.It would be great to see an IS-F with any of these wheels installed if anyone has any pics to post on this forum. 
  11. The parts are a bargain as long as it makes my IS as an LFA its worth it.
  12. The price looks like quite a lot ... :o
  13. Guys I think the prices are not the correct prices. I converted some of the prices... 1050 $ for brake pads is quite insane and 13 000$ for a carbon fiber spoiler is even crazier. Unless they messed up with an added 0 :P
  14. So it is hard enough to find a place to drive the ISF to it full potential as it is, so other then a sole car for the track, what would be the point of these improvements, I live in Germany and have had it up to 278km/h on the auto bahns, but even so the it is only briefly as there is to much traffic around most of the time.
  15. I love the looks of all these parts but I agree with the comments above that these are priced WAY too high... I mean lets be reasonable... do they really think they are going to sell more than a handfull at these ridiculous prices???  (as other's have stated.... more than the price of the car!!!!) Why would they go to all this trouble only to price themselves out of 98% of the ISF owners (like myself)???? If they were reasonable and comparable to other  aftermarket prices... I'd buy some of these pieces... but not at these insane prices... :(