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Lexus Executive Management Changes

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Toyota today announced a large executive reorganization that will bring some changes to the Lexus management.

Mark Templin, who has been general manager of Lexus USA since 2007, has been named managing officer and executive vice president of Lexus International, and will now lead Lexus global operations from Toyota City in Japan. 

With his new position, Mark Templin becomes the first non-Japanese executive to oversee a Toyota division within the company’s global headquarters in Japan. In this new role, he will report to Kiyotaka Ise, senior managing officer and president of Lexus International.

Replacing Mark Templin in the USA is Jeffrey Bracken, who moving from his position as Toyota’s vice president of sales to become the new vice president and general manager of Lexus USA. Bob Carter will also play a role in Lexus in the USA.

(For full details on the reshuffle and how it affects Toyota as a whole, I recommend both the official press release and the Bloomberg coverage.)

  • L
  • March 7, 2013
So happy to see Templin moving up in the ranks! He seems a remarkably clever fellow.
This is so far the best news I have heard this year from Lexus. Congrads to Templin, he really deserves it. Past 2 years Lexus grew a lot and that can only happen with a great management. 
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    Mike DeLorca
  • March 8, 2013
Great changes----will only push LEXUS more Gobal like it should be !  Good move.
    • F
    • March 9, 2013
    The USA market really matters
Met Templin. Great guy! Too bad I was too tired to talk. I hope this isn't another Jim Press fiasco! I miss his presentations...