New Video of the Lexus IS 300h F SPORT

Lexus Europe has released a new video of the IS 300h F SPORT, and it’s pretty racy:

Looks like the tone established with the Detroit launch video will continue through the worldwide IS marketing — so far, it’s made for quite a statement.


  1. Can't say that I actually enjoy watching these videos, want to see more of the actual car than all that other gibberish.
  2. another daft pretentious advert - seriously Lexus - great ass on the super models - but really?? The adverts should be about the car - not the people in them - this damages the credibility of product in my opinion....
  3. It's too sexy-it's going to be banned...the car,that is...honestly,it should have been a 30 sec. commercial with at least 20 sec. footage of the car.-That IS is the sexiest part of the commercial anyways!
  4. I just wish the 300h was available in N. America.  Would trade my CT in a heartbeat for it, but not for the 250 which would cost me double on fuel.
  5. Who in the hell are they advertising to? I love my brand but I am 22. This doesn't exactly sell me. I love the car but not this style of advertising. It sucks... 
  6. I agree, If your they are looking to the 20s something they don't have me.  I'm 27 and they lost me within' the first 10 seconds... If I wanted to go to "da club" I wouldn't have picked a lexus...
  7. Could have been better
  8. The Hybrid battery is not a Lithium Ion, it is a Nickel Metal Hydrade.  I wish these people who do these videos were at least more knowledgeable.