Lexus February 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 17,339 total sales for February 2013, a 8.3% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 1,182 1,642 ‐25.0 2,183 2,667 ‐18.1
HS 1 150 ‐99.3 1 302 ‐99.7
IS 1,532 2,095 ‐23.8 2,918 3,905 ‐25.3
ES 4,817 2,997 67.4 10,003 5,407 85.0
GS 1,108 2,397 ‐51.8 2,207 2,490 ‐11.4
LS 803 517 61.8 1,880 1,090 72.5
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 2 6 ‐65.3 5 10 ‐50.0
Total Cars 9,445 9,804 0.4 19,197 15,873 20.9
RX 6,938 5,792 24.8 12,332 10,830 13.9
GX 628 703 ‐6.9 1,361 1,581 ‐13.9
LX 328 383 ‐10.8 660 672 ‐1.8
Total Trucks 7,894 6,878 19.6 14,353 13,083 9.7
Total Sales 17,339 16,682 8.3 33,550 28,956 15.9

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. February 2013 had 24 selling days, February 2012 had 25 selling days.

The ES & LS turned in excellent results for February, both with 60%+ increases over last year — still, the car lineup on a whole was essentially flat, with the GS hovering just above 1,000 units sold. It was the RX that brought the sales increase, jumping 24.8% compared to last February.

Looking forward to March, Lexus has launched a new Command Performance sales event centered around the ES, GS & IS, which is expected to be advertised heavily — this might be the boost that the GS needs to jump closer to the 2,000 unit mark that it maintained through most of 2012.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. Any month under 20k is a disappointment for Lexus, especially with Mercedes (22k) and BMW (21k) easily making their numbers through the snow. March is a big month in the sales game.  Something closer to 23k would cancel out this stumble in February..... BD
    • BMW and Mercedes should be disappointed and worried since they each have a few more models or variants over Lexus. I think Lexus might nudge one of them in the summer once the '14 IS is on the market and may be ahead of both if and when the NX and/or RC (fingers crossed) come out in 2014/2015. But then again, the CLA, 4-series, and other variants of the 3-series come out. It will be tight.
    • Yeah that's also true. The Germans have so much models that its silly.. Lexus has such limited number of models yet they still can exceed. Also believe me that the Germans really want the #1 seller status And so big incentives etc etc are used..
    • Correct, and let's put this into even greater perspective. A realistic comparison in terms of models and variants is to Audi. Lexus sold almost double what Audi sold just over 10k in sales. A+ to Lexus. 
    • Very true, March is the first quarter of the year and Lexus always puts up good programs. Market needs more GSes and base RXes. They sent only 13 base RX to entire CA.  By the way for all the GS buyers, march is the time to get it. The deals are as good as December.
  2. January & Febuary are usually the slowest months of the year..
  3. BMW does have many more models coming to America, starting next year. The all-new M3 sedan will come Spring 2014.  The M4 Coupe will come in the Summer of 2014.  Then the M3 Convertible.  Then the M4 Gran Coupe, which will be like a mini 640i Gran Coupe, by the end of 2015. BMW will not be happy unless they sell 100 different cars here.  It will be hard for Lexus to overcome that much product.  But they can't get caught up in sales battles.   They need to stay focused on being the best, not the biggest. Don't forget where you came from, and why you're here..... BD
    • Of coarse Germans are quite 'efficient' at making models For example Volkswagen uses the same chassis and sometimes even the same engines for their ; Passenger Cars Small SUVs Medium SUVs Large SUVs Trucks/utes Vans Sports cars Exotic sports car They're able to cut cost, while allowing for increase of models and range. While this is good from a financial point of view. From a technical and ethical point of view, its everything but positive. Japanese and Toyota in general has a more specific way of producing and designing their products. Each model is unique, with their own chassis, engines and other things..
    •  "From a technical and ethical point of view, its everything but positive." WHAT? From an "ethical" point of view? Come on.
    • I don't know if I would go as far as saying each model in the Toyota Group has a unique chassis and or engine. They're usually just variants of a "base" chassis/engine.  An example of shared drive trains are the low power hybrids. CT, Prius,Yaris and probably some Europe/Asia models I'm not familiar with. An example of shared chassis' would probably be the ES to the Camry and the mix of available LandCruisers. (GX,LX,LC150,LC200)  I am personally completely comfortable with shared major components. I only have a problem when I feel like the amount of extra money is not worth the amount of improvements from the less expensive models.
    • There's an exception, its alright if you share components between two similar sedans. The Avalon and ES350 only share engine & transmission. While everything else is quite different.. But it's not good when your 'heavy duity' commercial vehicles share the same fragile underpinnings of the unreliable lemon GOLF
  4. How about the Canadian numbers? You usually have them about the same time as the US.
  5. Does the MB sales include the Smart and Sprinter etc?