Lexus RC Coupe Prototype Spotted!

By way of Mag-X, here’s the very first spyshot of the Lexus production coupe based on the LF-CC concept:

Leuxs RC Coupe Spyshot

The camouflage is effective, deforming the car so completely that it’s impossible to see any real detail — however, the very fact that this prototype exists is a very positive sign. Also referenced is the RC designation, which is expected to be the new badge of this coupe.

Here’s the full page with all the Japanese details:

Lexus RC Spyshot

Update: Edited for clarity.

[Source: Mag-X via Club Lexus]


  1. What is an RC? Is this a brand new model that will borrow from the IS platform?  
    • Yes, the RC is the new name given to the upcoming IS C replacement. Kind of like how Audi calls the coupe version of the A4 the A5 rather than the "A4 coupe" or how BMW is going to call the new 3-series coupe the 4-series. 
    • It's believed that RC will be a new designation for this coupe -- it won't just be badged as an IS. I've added a link to the post for clarity.
  2. The RC350 can't be far away then, right? Maybe introduced next year as a 2015 model?  I have a feeling its going to be very similar to the LF CC concept. 
    • It is now so obvious that Lexus starts testing new models locally in Japan, WAY before you see prototypes in the North America or Europe. Yet no one there snaps them, which is why you only catch them in late, pilot production testing. This car did not start development in January, as the IS C mule we saw last summer is indicative of a car well into development.  Basically "starting development" meant building Japanese RC coupe RHD prototypes scheduled to test from February 2013, which is what we've seen now. The 3IS was testing back in 2011, but no one in Japanese put up photos of it(only stupid renders) and instead we waited until last September to see the NA/European LHD prototypes.
    • Correction: but no one in *Japan* put up...
    • I sure hope it looks the same & I hope it comes soon!...It's going to be golden!
  3. The article shows a date of August, 2014. My guess is that is their guess on its release.
  4. The RC350 should be cool But the IS350C is a classy vehicle
  5. Will there be a convertable as well, is the question that now remains....
  6. Fake prototype! It's not the so called Lexus "RC".  
  7. MT

    I don't know all the fuzz about those useless coupes. Wagons are the bodystyle everybody wants in this part of the world :-)
  8. Best. Spyshot. Pics. Ever.
  9. Take a look at the model names they are talking about in this magazine! RC 350 - RC 300h and RC 200t!! Means this new Coupe will get the new turbo engine Toyota is talking about since a few months......