Two Coupes Planned for Lexus Lineup

Lexus LF-CC Concept

In an interview with Australian newspaper The Age, Lexus International executive vice-president Kazuo Ohara talks about the two coupes expected to join the Lexus lineup:

The first, a model based off the all-new IS presaged by the LF-CC concept and considered a likely replacement for the current IS CC hardtop convertible, is expected to make it to production within two or three years.

Kazuo Ohara, executive vice president of Lexus International, says sports cars – including a rival to the upcoming BMW 4-Series and the current Audi A5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe – is a space he would like to see the brand have more presence.

“I’m not really in a position to be disclosing anything specific for the future products, but for example – a coupe-type, such as [the LF-CC], something like that is something we would like to look at,” Ohara says.

A coupe based on the LF-CC has been all-but-guaranteed, but official discussion of any kind is always worth highlighting — the production LF-LC is also mentioned in the interview:

Lexus LF-LC Concept

Ohara says the company is not yet at the stage of building a prototype of the range-topping two-door sports model.

The top-end coupe would be an all-new car, possibly built from a newly developed set of underpinnings. That means it would take around four years to make it to production, and would be extremely costly to establish.

“We probably have to do something new,” Ohara says of the platform of the potential new model. “It’s our job to be able to make it affordable, even if it’s expensive. I cannot disclose anything more at this moment.”

The timeline for the production LF-CC & LF-LC has been a constantly moving target (the latest rumor for the LF-CC is 2015, and the LF-LC could be 3-4 years away based on this interview) — at this point, it’s best to focus on the the fact that both concepts will be manufactured.

[Source: The Age]


  1. The LF-cc coupe is coming for sure. The IS has launched and it still featured on the Lexus website as a future model. The Lf-gh was removed after the official launch of the GS
  2. Yeah Lexus needs a performance-coupe ASAP!
  3. What I don't understand is why can't they use the platform the LFA used?   They're virtually the same size.  It doesn't have to use any of the exotic materials, or engine.  But why not the hard points and foundation?   BD
    • I've said it before & I'll say it again-Toyota has a serious void in it's line-up & there's still plenty of rumours circulating about a new Supra being developed...Solution:base the Supra & LF-LC off of each other just like the 1st gen. SC & MKIV Supra were 2 decades ago.If the new Supra shares parts with its BMW counterpart as rumour suggests,then it will spread costs even further.
  4. LEXUS need 4 at least not 2 -RC = Performance coupe based on IS with GS width and slot between both aka AUDI-A5 rival -SC = Performance coupe based on GS with LS width and slot between both aka AUDI-A7 rival -LC = Porsche / Ferrari rival aka production unit of LF-LC -LFA = this name need not to be dead but to be always there whatever LEXUS is there to be always the top . top notch with the latest tech leaving the super sport arena to the LC with it's at least 500hp (LC-KERS engine) and go it's way to the Hyper Arena with the best handle ever as the current one another can be added  -LCK = LC kienen small one based on the Trio to go for the Z4/TT/SLK
    • Very well stated----I agree that LEXUS needs all of these to be a real competitor with the Germans on model ranges and offerings....I understand the testing and build planning taking so long with the Japanese quality standards, but it takes years off of gaining market share for these much needed variants.   I am so anxious to see LEXUS propel forward to keep the #1 lead and with an extended line-up, it will happen, just not fast enough for American buyer ready to spend their money on LEXUS.
    • Excellent observation.  Lexus needs to put R&D into hyper-drive and move fast forward.  The partnership with BMW will be of assistance but I too wish they could be more of a player in these niche model markets over the next 2 years as opposed to 4-6 years.
  5. Let's hope it won't take Lexus 10 years to roll out these platforms...
    • What do you expect from Lexus. It takes forever for them to produce a new cars. They should have at least two coupes by now. Until now am not impressed with their GS...
  6. I have this gut feeling that Lexus could be ready to produce the RC. They are just doing final testing and are waiting on the release of the 4-Series so they make sure the RC blows the competition out of the water. As it is their first coupe in that segment, I'm sure they want to make a statement, not fall short. They've already refreshed their whole line-up in the last two years and have a potential NX coming by end of year. They have the ability to wait a year or two as they've said before they need something fresh in the line-up. Which sucks for us who want everything to come out NOW!
  7. Lf-cc wil be launched 2014(. lf-lc will share iits platform and drive train with te upcoming Supra. It will launched 2016. Expect alumunium and carbon fibre to be used (although probably not a monocoque) Pricing in the 100/150k $ range
  8. Lexus should stick to sedans only, and not pollute the brand with boy-racer, ricer, childish coupes. A supercar(Lfa) here and there is OK though.
    •  Totally disagree.....this is what LEXUS is fighting for....a better representation of models and engines to compete with the rivals.....if they do not, then LEXUS will never grow in to the auto maker that it is destined to become.
    • Totally agree!I was in a hurry to grow up in my teens & 20's,tried to make up for it in my late 20's & had my life turned upside down 5 years ago.I've fought a long battle with the help of my very supportive Wife to get better & I'm ready to start enjoying my life again...Lexus,BRING ON THE COUPES!!!
    • It was a really bad car accident that turned my life upside down BTW.I deserve to have some fun now!
  9. I agree with most sentiments expressed thus far however must piont out that infrastructure setup to mass produce these entirely new coupes will cost millions.But maybe some of us as outsideres are not privelegde to the internal the configuration of plants in the manufacutering process.Case in piont the LFA their literally build a new facility for the 500 LFA's"check out Megafactories".Plus made a loss on each LFA sold with 2 Billion USD spent on  10 years of  R&D.So fan,owners lets give them time and 4 years waiting for the ulitmate affordiable Lex coupe is not a that much.
  10. Doesn't Lexus have a deal with BMW to colaborate on a future sports car? ...I think that may be what the executive was alluding to in his cryptic message about making the LF-LC cost effective. They could re-purpose the carbon-fiber structure being developed for the i8 (its a performance hybrid just like the LF-LC). OR there are circulating rumors that BMW is interested in creating an M1 that unlikely case they might be able to co develop the platform from scratch :) All I have to say is the more the better! German automakers have tripled their lineup offerings in the past decade... Japanese automakers need to catch up!