CNET: Lexus LS 460 F SPORT vs. BMW 750Li Technology Comparison

Lexus LS 460 F SPORT vs. BMW 750Li

Taking an unusual angle, Brian Cooley from CNET compares the technology packages in the Lexus LS 460 F SPORT & BMW 750Li.

(Overall, Cooley appears to prefer the BMW — the LS 460L might have been a better comparison point, though.)

Watch the Flagship tech comparison


  1. I wish the LS would have parallel parking again. It was abandoned with the 2010 model. I hope Lexus improves upon it and uses a radar based one.
  2. BMW throws tech on the car just to say they have the latest features.  They do it just to do it, or to try and stay with Mercedes. Most of these new tech features go unused.  Definitely more things to go wrong in a BMW..... BD
  3. I thought from watching the video that Cooley was more pro-Lexus
  4. I love the LS, but i have to admit that bimmer is really nice. That dash is really tight(LS dash does look a bit cluttered imo) And although th Lexus V8 is great, it's no match for a twin turbo V-8 All in all the BMW is probably the best car to drive, but the Lexus is the best car to actually own...
    • I think the dash is no more cluttered than the BMW---what makes the German stand out more is the contrasting dual shaded dash. This is something LEXUS needs more of. The dashes with all one color are too dark and need a lighter touch to it to visually see it better. I've turned in my comments to LEXUS website on this topic as well.  Brian Cooley jsut a bit too biased towards BMW for me.....he overlooked a great deal of LEXUS itmes that stand out much more....he did nto even get into what that car really does in the rear seat.....he could not wait to get back top BMW when talking.  I too feel the LS 460 L would have been a better choice. The BMW is way overprice for what is does.....LEXUS value flies in to oblivian with comparison in cost to the BMW----the BMW was priced near an LS 600HL----way too excelerated in cost as the MB does as well---NOT WORTH IT !
  5. I love our Beemers & I do use most of their techie stuff. The 750IL is more fun to drive and the tech stuff is just an added icing. Don't hate, I do love the LS and it looks amazing but the bigger boat wins this one.
  6. Honestly I think Lexus has in the past been tardy on technology - I think standard iPod integration first appeared in the Scions instead of the LS, which makes me wonder what ToMoCo thinks their flagship is.  (That said, the Mark Levinson stereo's *sonic* superiority over all comers has never been in doubt, I just wonder why it took so long to get USB and Bluetooth).