Autoweek Reviews the 2013 Lexus ES 300h

2013 Lexus ES 300h

In their review of the 2013 Lexus ES 300h, Autoweek praises the “near-perfect combination of interior space, cargo room, fuel-economy and luxury.”

Great quote: “The ES300h could very well become the next benchmark for hybrid vehicles.”

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  1. The ES is totally stealing sales away from the GS.  Looks are similar but the ES is more robust and when the buyer goes home having made the decision between the two they feel good because they saved a bunch of money going with eh ES.  The GS needs a refresh already visually.  Still don’t like the hood line above the grille on the ES…
  2. MT

    I am not so sure. The GS and ES play in a completely different league, when comparing technology.  If you just look at the size and the grille they might be the same, but they aren't.  The GS has V6 hybrid, RWD, lanekeep, nightvision, 3-zone climatecontrol, 250km/h vmax, etc. The ES just cant keep up with that, not even remotely. But then again if you just see the pricetag and the grille, the ES is the way to go.
  3. rich people still buy with their pocketbook.
  4. The ES is a home run.   People stop comparing the FWD ES to the RWD GS. Two different kind of cars.
    • agreed... the ES is the "old-mans" car and the GS is for the younger crowd.  The drives are completely different.  Also you can't compare the interior to the GS to the ES.  The increase leg room is a huge bonus for those that don't want to spring the LS.  The ES is an awesome car but it wasn't for me.   Case in point, April can't come soon enough for my car to arrive :D
  5. ES fully loaded are very few. lexus only makes like 40 cars in a month. this is too low which is why they are sold before they even hit the lot. I wanted to get GS but when i test drove es 300h, i was sold to it. the interiors/exteriors are almost the same but 40 mpg is a huge bonus.
  6. saw this on my homepage of youtube...