Detailed Video of the Lexus IS F SPORT

The camera may be a little too close, but this video shows off the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT in some 360° detail:

The IS F SPORT in the video is equipped with headlight washers, marking the first time the chromed nubs have been seen live:

Lexus IS Chromed Headlight Washers

While it’s hardly the clearest image, the headlight washers don’t appear to be as noticeable as previously expected, at least with the grey exterior color.

Update: There was a mistake with the video, which has now been fixed.


  1. Where's the video?
  2. Yeah i was about to click then nothing....
  3. Where's the video??
  4. My apologies everyone -- I've loaded up the video now.
  5. Love: The oversized grille, and the bold front and rear lighting. Not love: The inner air intakes next to the grille (Does the car need more intake? Really?), the fender gap (wheels/tires are too small), and this music (sounds like someone threw an instrument set down a flight of stairs) BD
    • Those are called "Brake Cooling Ducts"... ;)
    • The car doesn't have, nor need two.  I was talking the inboard vents next to the grille. Those aren't for the brakes, unless the brakes are under the motor..... BD
    • I guess I have no clue what your describing.. Go post some detailed pics on CL and will help you out... ;)
    • I am assuming you are talking about the lower half of the spindle grille.  Yeah I see a massive opening there and clearly tehy are taking this airflow a tad serious.  :) PEOPLE OF EARTH...  The wheel gap thing is Lexus's trademark.  LOL Drop it your way~
    • The don't think the vents (where the fog-lights go on Jap models) are actually vents at all. Hence why the fog-lights can go there. The same applies to the GS F-Sport side vents. The inner vents beside the grill that you referring to are actual cooling vents for the brakes. Similar vents can be found on the GS F-Sport, and previous IS F-Sport model. Lexus has said they tunnel air toward the front brakes for improved cooling. I forget the exact explanation they gave for the positioning, and I can't seem to find it anywhere, so maybe some one can explain it.
  6. Does anyone know why in some pics/videos, there is 2 bulbs in the headlight unit and in others, there is only one??
  7. Quick fix on adding OEM LED "Fog Lights" available in other markets.. and Color matching that rear black cladding valence.... Then you will have a real Winner!!! Joe Z
    • I agree with you on the rear black valence---wish LEXUS would make that a bit richer looking. If painted, brushed chrome it would enhance it better. I notice the Germans are taking better care of that situation on their vehicles.....sometimes metal or brushed chrome looks so much better.
  8. 360 view of the 2014 IS non f-sport
  9. I really dislike the bottom rear bumper on the non hybrid models. Too plain, I love however the same on the hybrid, more elegant.
    • What do you think of the "shark/dolphin fin" reflectors?
    • Dislike, even on 2nd gen model. Not a fan of reflectors period. But that bottom black cheap looking plastic thing is a real let down. I'm in visioning a painted lip to go under tailpipes and all the way across left to right.
  10. Nice car, but I hope no one buys it in that color!!! Try Red, Black, Silver, white etc etc