Lexus LFA Appears on Top Gear

Lexus LFA on Top Gear

The much-anticipated appearance of the Lexus LFA on Top Gear has been uploaded to Youtube (by someone else), though I doubt it will last long.

(Key Clarkson quote: “If somebody were to offer me a choice of any car that had ever been made, ever, I would take a dark blue LFA.”)

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  2. MD

    Lexus LFA beat both Viper SRT-10 and Vanquish at the Vegas Speedway 1/4 mile drag strip and also in a stop light drag race. :)
  3. The LFA won at the end, because it could end no other way. To do any less would be so un-Lexus-like...... BD
  4. Evn

    It has been a while since I enjoyed a Top Gear episode as much as this one. Not simply because they had the LFA, in addition to the Aston and Viper which are awesome cars, but the interactions and back and forth between the guys felt very genuine and not totally scripted like past seasons has been. Plus the cinematography was top notch.
  5. The seatbelt doesn't accommodate fattys, there are no cupholders, and the gas tank is too small. In other words the LFA is too supercar-like for a supercar.
  6. Three criticisms of the LFA are now two, it does have an iPod input via USB. From memory it's in the glove compartment!!
  7. BTW, the LFA's fuel tank is 19 gallons, which is pretty big for the size of the car Dodge Viper: 16 gallons BD
  8. Not to repeat any comment but this Episode was indeed AWESOME!! Always loved Top Gear and now that Jeremy fell in Love with the LFA it'll help Europe respecting the Lexus brand.
  9. Every ounce of me wants to buy an LFA,but yet,I have 3 children to send through school...I am at war with my self!
  10. New link:
  11. did anyone else see how the seat in the viper was shaking really bad when hammond was driving it?
  12. Despite both being RWD and LFA having half the size of the V10 engine Viper has without any turboes, the LFA was killing the Viper SRT-10 GTS everytime. I believe Hammond was using launch control and Clarkson used LFA's launch control atleast twice . You can clearly see 'launch' appear on the LFA gauge cluster when both of them launched in the storm drainage. LFA's F1 V10 high-revving engine and extremely short gearing for immediate power everytime shows who is the boss.
  13. Is there anywhere else to see this video? It's been removed from YouTube and I can't seem to play it on the top gear site either.
  14. the lfa is different in its own way that's why I like it cause the engine is in the front not the back I give lfa a 10
    • Lexus LFA is actual mid-front. Not front like Viper, Corvette, Aston Martin etc. That means, LFA's V10 engine (that is tiny and smaller than a V6) is near the center of the car and the cabin is pushed back closer to the rear axle and the radiators, battery, transmission. reservoirs, alternators etc. all in the Lexus LFA are installed in the back to give it a rear-bias weight distribution so LFA's weight distribution is 52% on the back and 48% on the front.
  15. o ok now I learned something new thanx