Lexus January 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 16,211 total sales for January 2013, a 26.8% improvement over last year — as always, here are the numbers model-by-model:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 1,001 1,025 ‐6.2 1,001 1,025 ‐6.2
HS 0 152 ‐100.0 0 152 ‐100.0
IS 1,386 1,810 ‐26.5 1,386 1,810 ‐26.5
ES 5,186 2,410 106.6 5,186 2,410 106.6
GS 1,099 93 1034.5 1,099 93 1034.5
LS 1,077 573 80.4 1,077 573 80.4
SC 0 2 ‐100.0 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 3 4 ‐28.0 3 4 ‐28.0
Total Cars 9,752 6,069 54.3 9,752 6,069 54.3
RX 5,394 5,038 2.8 5,394 5,038 2.8
GX 733 878 ‐19.9 733 878 ‐19.9
LX 332 289 10.3 5,005 3,167 58.0
Total Trucks 6,459 6,205 ‐0.1 6,459 6,205 ‐0.1
Total Sales 16,211 12,274 26.8 16,211 12,274 26.8

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. January 2013 had 25 selling days, January 2012 had 24 selling days.

First, the highlights — the updated 2013 LS has taken off considerably, jumping 80.4% over last year and breaking 1,000+ sales for the first time in recent memory. The IS also turned in decent numbers despite the announcement of the next-generation model, and the ES continues its super-strong sales growth, more than doubling the January 2011 numbers.

On the other hand, the GS seems to be suffering from the success of the ES, barely keeping above 1,000 units sold even with its 1034.5% sales increase — this will definitely be something to watch as 2013 progresses.


  1. 1,099 GS sales eeeeeeek....well better than 3 digits lol.
  2. Am telling spindle grille is working for Lexus hope they hurry up and get the RC NX and hopefully a fresh non truck GX out there leave the truck to the LX.. proud of the LS a 1000+ so fucking awesome GS and ES has a competition in the sales room that's what Lexus get,for making gorgeous cars .. I think ppl will go for the ES cheaper and sexy luxurious.. Sporty people doesn't care about that on fanboys complain because Lexus always out sells there lovers ... The word Luxurious = Lexus Sporty= Lamborghini / Ferrari
  3. 16,211 Lexus (+32,1%) vs 16,513 BMW (+0,7%) vs 10,056 Audi (+7,5%) vs 9489 Acura (+13,2%) vs 7126 Infiniti (+4,2%). Infiniti really sux, never loved them. Aniway i really can't understand the big numbers made by Mercedes (23,578, +11,1%), i bet they put into the count even those crappy Sprinter wich cars are not, those are shitty commercial van.
  4. 1.  January, and February, are the toughest months in the business.  It's cold out, people aren't looking at cars, or just bought one at the end of the year, and manufacturers aren't stacking cash on the hood like the did in December (BMW) 2.  This is why rumors of the ES' demise are foolish to even entertain.  The RX and ES are carrying the company during slow months.   3.  The LS did outsell ALL the Germans (S-Class, 7-series, A8).  Now that BMW probably dropped their incentives down to Lexus levels, their sales of their 100-vehicle lineup fell to the same...... BD
    • Yeah the German, especially BMW & Mercedes are notorious for big discounts and incentives. I maybe biased, but I find BMW's to be very boring cars. And they also don't drive as good as they should.. Talk about pure badge snobbery..
  5. The Germans are at the end of there product life cycle.
    • what are u talking about dude every one of them has been refresh only the S Class is left
    • The S class also had a refresh about a year and a half ago. The BMW 7 series was also updated a few months ago. The LS is the most recently refreshed car in this class.
  6. Only the S-Klasse, 7er (2009) and A8 (2010) are even more recent than the LS (2006).
  7. I think Lexus need to work on the Ct200, I like it but they can and must improve the noise level when pushing on when it roars unhappily and not like a luxury car should behave. Comeon Lexus get with it - it is a case of so near and yet so far!