Lexus LFA #499 Arrives in the USA

Lexus LFA #499

Arriving a couple days ago in California, Lexus LFA #499 is the final LFA to be delivered to the USA and the last LFA to be sold — here is the first photo gallery of the Steel Gray supercar:

There will be a special ceremony in Torrance, California, tonight to mark the occasion — the LFA will then be shipped to its owner in Atlanta.

[Source: Lexus Facebook]


  1. And now a Moment of Silence...... BD
  2. Who has the #500? Toyota?
    • LFA #499 was the last LFA sold, so #500 was either kept by Toyota or given away -- I know it remains in Japan.
  3. I saw on twitter the owner also owns #003, the first LFA delivered in the USA, which was also the one featured in Car & Driver's Lightning Lap (an issue back, I believe). What a pair.
  4. I thought the owner of #003 from georgia was getting #500 nurburgring edition????
  5. Wow, Roy will have 2 silver LFA's?
  7. Toyota wouldn't give me #500---I think they will keep it there probably in a museum  !!!! I'm glad they let me have #499---003 has been the best car I've ever owned. I've had about 20 great sports cars over 33 yrs.which included 6 Porsches and 5 Ferraris.The last LFA is darker silver and more red inside. The wheels are also darker silver and the top is exposed carbon fiber. I wish I could keep both because what a pair they would make--first US Car and last one sold in the world. I'll probably sell 003 for the silly reason of the need for food and shelter moving forward. This LFA will be the 15th Lexus I owned over 20 yrs.---never had one problem with them and the people have been great.     Roy      003/499
    • Thanks Mr. Mallady. You have become more or less a celebrity in the LFA circles and admirer of this car. There is a full thread on your car on an LFA forum. That is exactly how LFA owners should be showing this masterpiece to the world rather than making it a garage queen. Please do chime in. I am sure lots of people would like to ask you questions: It is a dedicated forum just for LFA reviews, tests, discussions etc. Looking forward to hearing more on the forum from you:
    • Thanks !! My enthusiasm for the LFA is 100 % legitimate-- Lexus couldn't pay me to say the things I say about their car. I have been totally surprised and amazed at how great this car is and how much I have loved it. I thought I would like it, but no way did I expect my reaction to the car. I've driven their LFAs on about three tracks in the US and ridden with Scott Pruett on about three tracks also. I drove about three times around Nurburgring about 18 mos. ago and on the Autobahn both at about 180 mph. If not for a lead driver on the track holding me back and traffic on the Autobahn, it would have been more like 200 mph. Did you read the February issue of Car and Driver ? They did their 8th annual Lightin Lap with 20 cars and the Ferrari 458 beat the LFA. If you read the article, you'll see they were nervous since my car was the only privately owned car and they had several Ferrari people there telling them to get a great time even if they wrecked the car. I wish I hadn't left after a short while at the track because the car had alot more left in it. Let Pruett drive both cars at the track at VIR and I'll say the LFA will win !!!!  Hey ! Don't get me wrong because I'm glad the Car and Driver people respected my car and returned it unharmed. My wife and I had dinner with all the C & D people the night before and they are alot of fun and great people. I love talking about the car and showing the car to enthusiasts.  Roy    003/499
    •  Thanks for the response, Mr Mallady. Yes, the "Car and driver lightning lap" was extensively talked about and how there was still a lot left in the car especially in sector 2 where the driver seemed to be cruising through it. No doubt, with all-out effort it would have been way faster. Although, Car and driver has been very appreciative of the qualities of the LFA so much so that they declared LFA the winner over a Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE in a comparo. You also might want to check out the "Top Gear UK" episode that was broadcast last week in which they had "LFA vs Viper SRT-10 vs Aston Martin Vanquish" in a US roadtrip. It was a great episode and LFA did exceptionally well. LFA was also the quickest of the three at the Vegas  Speedway 1/4 mile drag strip. Jeremy Clarkson called LFA "the best car I have ever driven". Did you ever think about purchasing the Nurburgring Edition LFA?? Scott Pruett is an exceptional driver for the LFA and I am sure he can set records on many tracks in the LFA since I have seen videos of him at various tracks in the LFA. Better yet, if LFA was wearing super slick Michelin Cup R-compound tires, it could even make it more quick with very sticky tires.
    • Thanks for your comments !!!!  I ordered the Nurburgring edition and then changed to the regular car shortly thereafter. I've second guessed that several times while waiting. If I could keep the first car then that would be the right decision, but I'll have to let 003 go because my wife said the number is 2---I can have her and one LFA or I can have 2 LFAs. Damn she's a great cook so I will have to let 003 go !!!!   When I was at Nurburgring about 18 mos. ago I rode at 8:00 am right after breakfast with the driver who several hours later broke the 80 yr. record for a production car on the track. Well, I thought I was going to lose the breakfast, but managed to hang in there. I think his time was 7:14 which was just beat by the higher hp Viper ACR. That was the Nurburgring Edition and yes it is damn fast. I'm a wannabe race car driver, but I'm having alot of fun. I go to most of Scott Pruett's races and have become a friend--what a great guy !!! RM   003/449
    •  Haha..That is true. It would have made sense to have a Nurburgring Edition LFA, if you were going to keep the #003. :-) Regarding the Nurburgring Edition lap time, I believe Akira Iida and Tanahashi san were strictly aiming to get the quickest lap time for a car with street non racing compound tires, which LFA still holds as the record. The Viper ACR lap time you mentioned was apples to oranges since it was wearing racing compound full slick tires (Michelin Pilot Cup tires). If LFA had racing compound slick tires, it would have easily passed the 7:12 lap time, but racing compound tires as you know well come at a cost of traction in the wet. I thought it was very impressive recently in Top Gear episode where Lexus LFA beat the Viper SRT-10 GTS in a 1/4 mile drag race at the Vegas speedway. It is most likely due to the gear ratios in the LFA and more efficient ability to put the power down. Have you ever checked your 0 - 60 mph and 1/4 mile with launch control using video VBOX or G-Pro?? If so, what was quickest you ever clocked?? Please do make some videos of your new LFA. I am sure lots of people would love to watch them.
    • 05RollaXRS, We've done some Go-Pro videos on the track, but no VBOX . I've done launch contol to see how it works, but have not done 0-60 using launch. I think the 0-60 may be closer to 3.3-3.4 secs instead of the published 3.6 !!!! The car has been on the track, but with great care and really the car is meant for the track---it handles so great that it's forte is how it handles---it is more forgiving than any car I've ever driven.All the technology and carbon fiber construction really shows up on the track---I think that's what TOP Gear saw and realized in their last outing in the LFA.
    • Congrats Again Roy...!! Great finally meeting you last Thursday at the Museum.. #499 is truly a beauty in person.. Talk to you again real soon!! ~ Joe Z
  8. Thanks Mr. Mallady. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and videos of your new LFA.
  9. Hey Lexus people !!!! This is 003  499 just arrived in Atlanta today and we put the two cars together --WOW !!!!  What beautiful examples of the LFA. I think I like the new steel gray better than the silver metallic. The new car is about 3 or 4 shades darker than the 003, darker wheels, roof is exposed carbon fiber, winglets on the back and more red inside.We took pictures of both and I was more surprised how great they look together than I had anticipated. I'm glad to have both cars and would love to keep 003, but will sell before to long. I'm taking both cars to the Amelia Island Concours in Amelia Island Florida for their car show this week end---come see the first and last U.S. LFAs. 003 is 1 of 178 in US and 499 is 178 of 178 in US----bookends.You will probably see some pictures of both cars soon. Oh ! the reason I waited a month before Lexus shipped 499 after the unveiling on Jan. 31---my wife finally approved me having 499 before selling 003. I'm either a great salesman or shes a great wife---Well, it's both---cheers.