Lexus LFA Wrapped in Australian Flag

Lexus LFA Wrapped in Australian Flag

Yesterday was Australia Day, and to mark the occasion, the Lexus of Blackburn dealership wrapped LFA #252 in the national flag.

(Australian dealerships love dressing up LFAs — last year, Lexus of Brisbane wrapped their LFA in pink & chrome.)

View photos of the Australian Flag LFA


  1. Reminds me of a pair of Dr Martens that I seen for sale 20 years ago with a red,white & blue leather/Union Jack theme...albeit,much better looking.(they were pretty hidious!)...At least the Dr martens with a Union Jack theme made sense though!...A Japanese car with an Ausie theme?...not so much!Nice to see some national pride from our friends down under though!
  2. It seems like dealers have as many LFAs as actual retail owners..... BD
  3. Jeremy Clarkson now saying LFA "is the best car I have ever driven". Chalk one more endorsement by a huge icon for the epic-ness of the LFA. :)
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