2014 Lexus CT 200h Update?

A grainy image of what appears to be the updated 2014 Lexus CT 200h has been posted to the Burlapp Car Page weblog:

2014 Lexus CT 200h

Despite the low quality, the update looks fairly convincing — that is, until it’s compared to this photo of the current CT:

Lexus CT 200h Source Image

While it wouldn’t be the first time Lexus has photoshopped the spindle grille onto an existing image, it’s unlikely that the CT will share the EXACT same grille with the updated just-for-Japan HS 250h:

2014 Lexus HS 250h

Too bad the CT image looks to be fake, my first impression was very positive — what do you think?

[Source: Burlapp Cars](Thanks Patrick!)


  1. I think it needs a spindle grille this year, and some more engine. Don't care how it gets done, just get it done! BD
  2. Jay

    Like you've mentioned, Lexus has been known to photoshop facelift updates onto existing official images. It's probably due to cost savings, as a facelift is only a minor update. A completely new photo shoot may have been to expensive to produce for a non all new or fully redesigned vehicle. Aside from the validity of the image, the full spindle grille treatment will be a welcome addition to the CT.
  3. Jay

    After taking a second closer look, you can see a line right across the middle of the image. The line is right above the left headlight. All the spindle grill updates are below the line, coincidence or obvious photoshop?
  4. I think that the type of spindle grille that would fit this car is the type of the GS the others wouldn't bring out the car aggression and luxurious feel at the same time.. but I have to say it does give the car a whole new sweet look to it from that angle it looks very luxurious but not so sporty
  5. Actually if you look close enough. The blurry front plate of that photochopped CT, probably says HS 250h ;)
  6. Honestly...I don't care what they do with the front.They just need to give it an engine to go with the looks it already has!
  7. JB

    The spindle grill in that pic seems overdone making the CT look less sporty. Reduce it in size, replace the horizontal slats with smaller more discreet ones like in the current CT. 
  8. Any updates should prioritize more power - not a lot even, just some more please