Video: 2014 Lexus IS 350 & IS F SPORT on the Road

As part of their media press kits, Lexus has released two videos that provide a very nice visual tour of the new 2014 IS — let’s start off with the IS 350 F SPORT:

The silver exterior makes it much easier to see the lines and curves of the new IS — in fact, seeing the F SPORT out on the road really highlights how bold and aggressive the design has become.

(Also worth pointing out that there’s a demonstration of the F SPORT speedometer starting at 2:46 — what a smart move by Lexus to incorporate the LFA instrument panel, it looks fantastic.)

Moving on, there’s a very similar video of the standard 2014 Lexus IS 350:

As far as I know, this is our first look at the standard IS 350 — it looks great in Nebula Gray Pearl, and the front-end design balances nicely between luxury & performance.

Let’s put a question out there: Do you prefer the standard IS or IS F SPORT front grille?


  1. I personally like what LEXUS has done with both, but prefer the F-sport version by far.  I have always liked this look from the start when we first were introduced to the LF-GS concept. This has always been my favorite and really would like to see more of it on the whole line up as Fsport or full F line.....Great looking and fantstic job for LEXUS identity.....keep it coming LEXUS !
  2. I want the F-Sport grille with the fog lights..... MAKE IT SO! BD
  3. Is that Silver Lining or Liquid Platinum? Either way it looks great.  Definitely like both gauge clusters. It looks like there is a bit of customization and several new features in either of the clusters. I think I prefer the look of the regular IS front end/ grill over the F-sport but the F-sport wheels look better. 
    • It looked like SIlver Lining to me but you're right, it could be Liquid Platinum. I've edited the post to "Silver", just to play it safe.
  4. Standard IS seems much nicer - more "subtle" - it just fits better .... 
  5. It looks like they no longer completely shroud the engine compartment. I love the rims on the IS 350 non F sport.
  6. The LFA dial should be an option for the standard IS 350. Or it should just be standard across both models.
  7. I like the F-sports But I like be standard wheels..
  8. The front end is worse then the Acura beak
  9. I prefer the F-Sport grille and wheels but I think I like the standard gauge cluster more. I would probably have to see the LFA inspired tach in person.
  10. Pweinste-----I am amazed as to why someone would take the time to visit a LEXUS ENTHUSIAST site to bash the product......deep inside most people know and  realize the POWER, DESIGN, IMPACT and QUALITY standards that LEXUS has on the auto industry......this new design will truly launch and propel sales into a whole new category of volume---- along with totally new product and revised existing models.....I say get used to it:  IF YOU TAKE THE EFFORT AND TIME TO GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO VISIT A WEBSITE THAT YOU HATE, THEN THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES.....I certainly don't visit an automaker that I'm not interested in just to bash it....WHAT IS THE NEED ?    ENVY, ADMIRATION, JEALOUSY MAYBE?