Is Lexus Planning a GS F?

Lexus GS F from Mag-X

According to Japanese magazine Mag-X, Lexus is working on a high-performance GS F — here’s the full spread, click for a larger image:

Lexus GS F by MagX

Mag-X suggests the GS F would use the 2UR-FSE 5.0L V8 engine from the IS F, but beyond that, there’s little I can decipher about the rumor — any Japanese readers want to summarize the article for us?

Also mentioned is the GS 300h, which was expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show last year but still has yet to be announced:

Lexus GS 300h

The GS 300h, which will use the same engine as the upcoming IS 300h, should be introduced this year — the delay is likely due to the spotlight on the new IS hybrid.

(I expect the GS 300h to be limited to Europe & Asia only, much like the IS 300h.)

[Source: Mag-X Via: Club Lexus]


  1. Just one simple translation... Expected anoucement: August 2013.
  2. Not surprise to see GS 300h in Japan , or even in Malaysia . Hopefully Lexus would put some Carbon-Fiber technology on the F model , for example Carbon-Fiber front end body panel & even trunk lid ... or the seats (optional) .
  3. With virtually every Lexus model becoming sporty, or sportier, and the reception to the LFA, this is the next logical step.  But what does this mean in the big picture of Lexus' lineup? The ISF, GSF, and LSF? The naturally aspirated ISF tuned to 450 HP should be fine, but the GSF and potential LSF will need forced induction to play with the big boys 550HP for the GSF (twin-turbo) and 650 HP (tri-turbo?) for the LSF? BD
  4. I'd love to see a GSF with any engine configuration,but ideally I'd prefer KERS technology.
  5. Whilst initially I agree the GS300h wont make it to the States I suspect it will in the longer term. In the UK we will see it before the end of the year.  The 300h power train will certainly debut first in the new IS.
  6. August? I can't wait that long. BMW and Mercedes release their sport-tuned variants in conjunction with the regular models. Lexus should too.
  7. Probably there are no plans for a GS-F. 
    • Yes, which means filing trademarks for nonexistent future models is a longtime hobby of Lexus. It's coming, so let's not make unfair shortsighted assumptions.
  8. And that's just as well.