Next-Generation Lexus IS Teased in New Video

Next-Gen Lexus IS Teaser

Lexus has released a new teaser video of the next-generation Lexus IS — you can view it on the Lexus USA website.

Update: The IS teaser was inadvertently posted by Lexus a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. The video has been removed from the Lexus USA website and I have been asked directly to remove the images.

The next-generation Lexus IS will debut at the Detroit Auto Show on Tuesday, January 15th at 9:30am — the reveal will be broadcast on the Lexus website, and I’ll also be present with live coverage.


  1. I've already know the basic shape of the next generation IS from the prototype , :P ... and 2013 is gonna be epic ! First the Lexus IS , and then Toyota have the Furia Concept ! EDIT1 : the very close to center rear muffler remind me of BMW M3 .
  2. Nice work Krew..!!! The Dual Exhaust lay out looks pretty much like the 2013 GS... Both pipes turn left & right and then will exit from two mufflers at the edges of the rear bumper.. Don't ask me how in know.. ;) Joe Z
    • mr2

      Agreed, it is even visible in the photo. A rounded shape of the mufflers on the right/left side. So, probably not M3 style...
  3. This is really going to stand out on the streets!
  4. That grille looks awesome.
  6. I can not find the video on  
  7. WOW THIS SERIOUSLY HYPES ME UP!! Will there be a reason why the next IS wont be top 1 or 2 in the U.S. market?..
    • I honestly think its enough power for daily driving but everyone's complaint seems to be the "underpowered" IS250. But if with the existing engine they can manage well over 30 mpg highway then this car will be a winner.
    • That's just the excuse German fans make.. The IS250 is adequate performance.. The plus side of the IS250 is the silky smooth and beautifully sounding 4GR-FSE engine. It's a much more refined car than any of the German rival.. But for pure performance there is the IS350..
    • Absolutely. Although I must admit, the inline 6 engine from the E90 BMW 325/328i was one smoooooth engine. Can't say the same for the F30 3 Series. That engine feels like a 5 cylinder Jetta.
  8. I can't find it either...
  9. I don't understand why you had to remove the photo's? This is a site run by a interested user what's to stop you putting up the images, you are not tied up with Lexus you are just a fan. Is this not what these sort of sites are for??
    • Let's just say he's a "fan with benefits" and if Lexus asks you do to something you do it. Believe me the benefits are well worth it.
    • That's a very good question.  Normally, I would not take down the images just because the video was removed, but I was asked to do so directly by a senior Lexus USA executive. If it's any consolation, the video revealed very little. My sincerest apologies,  Kevin Watts Editor, Lexus Enthusiast
    • And it wasn't your fault it was accidentally released prior to schedule. I'm sure someone at the Lexus website is getting chewed for his/her mistake.  It does make me even more excited for what is to be unveiled in Detroit that they are this strict on not wanting any little detail out to the public. It does however seems like small details are always "accidentally" being released prior to schedule for Lexus (LS/ES teaser images at Geneva auto show, ES photos from China) and with twitter and the internet hopping on every little new detail, it sure does make for some kind of advertising. 
    • Hi Kevin I love your website but I don't think an "independent" Lexus Enthusiast site should be dictated to by Lexus. They made the mistake (if it was one) and to pressure you to remove the photos, and for you to remove it makes me wonder what else is being withheld until Lexus corporate tell you, you can publish. I am not expecting Lexus Enthusiast to be breaking Watergate but you should be fearlessly publishing all accurate information that pertains to Lexus, otherwise let host the site and censor. Regards Dunraven77
    • Copyright. Lexus owns those images and the video. Under Canadian and U.S. copyright laws (basically, any country's copyright laws) posting copyrighted material without permission is copyright infringement. I don't know how far Lexus would have gone with this if you had refused to remove the images -- after all, your Site does Lexus a big favour with the blogs and the fanbase. But, with the revealing of the new IS only a few weeks away, and with it being such a big deal to Lexus, I doubt they would have done much about it by legal means other than perhaps a nasty letter to "cease and desist". However, just for a matter of interest, under Canadian law, copyright infringement can carry stiff fines and even jail-time, and for things just as petty as this. I'm not sure how this all works in the context of linking to other's sites (not up on Internet law), but I'm sure that if someone asked you to stop linking to their site it would come back down to copyright law. For the most part, unless someone had a specific reason for denying a link, I think blogs linking to other blogs and sites is a beneficial, win-win situation. That said, I'm really looking forward to finally seeing the new IS when it comes out in Detroit and will try to see it first-hand at the Toronto auto show!
  10. Too bad we'll all be dead by the end of the day. I'd really like to see that....... BD
  11. The remaining image of tire smoke and skid marks is all I need to know this'll be just my kind of car!
  12.  is this it? If so it shows nothing really
  13. Ahh fair enough :) Just saw that vid on youtube does not really show much, that white car they show in the video looks like a RX from the side view! can't wait till Jan to see what the new one looks like. Hopefully there are more leaks like when they released the ES!....
  14. Looks like Krew made the same mistake Lexus' Marketing Dept made.   Ce La Vie...... BD
  15. I love that my two favorite models appear to be becoming one! Taking the beloved IS and taking cues from the LFA. The depth and layout of the dash, the digital speedo, and I noticed in the video the side mirrors look very similar!! What else?? The F1 sound please?!
    • The F1 sound would get old and annoying pretty fast in the IS. I hope it's really quiet, like a Lexus should be.