Lexus GS Body Kit by Skipper Design

Lexus GS by Skipper Design

Japanese tuner Skipper has released some mods for the 2013 Lexus GS, starting with a front lip spoiler available in exposed carbon fiber or body-color-matching:

There’s also this carbon fiber front bumper cover:

Lexus GS Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Cover

Rounding out the package are side skirts, a carbon fiber trunk decal, roof spoiler, and exhaust covers:

All told, these mods are retailing for ¥425,500 yen, or $5,150USD in direct conversion, and North American availability is unknown.

(I’m still shocked at how much the lip spoiler changes the look of the GS — is this the first “essential” mod?)

[Source: Skipper]


  1. Skipper products are available in North America via There's a GS with the kit already.
  2. Body kit looks fine....the WORK wheels will take me some getting used to....that ill fitting piece of what looks like 'back yard work' on the front bumper has no place on any car....especially a Lexus!....looks like universal fit fake CF that somebody picked up at Canadian Tire & tried to make work! 
  4. IMHO this is the best front lip available for the 13' GS.  Very sharp and clean look, and it completes the design.  Nice!!!
  5. I even told my friends to take a look at your blog and in fact your blog is already bookmarked on my computer. Hope to see more of this. 
  6. When is the real V8 GS-F coming out?